Coronavirus Charity Donation: Together We Can Help!

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak recently has shocked the whole world. Growing public health concerns present challenges for many families and affect businesses varyingly across the country. Today we are announcing a coronavirus charity donation to The American Red Cross taking place this Saturday. Similarly to the charity donation last October, we are donating the final sales price of all auction wins paid on Saturday 3/21/2020 to The American Red Cross(excluding car auctions). We also want to share that we expect DealDash shipments to continue unaffected. Overall, we want to continue providing fun and excitement to people staying at home and auctions will continue normally.

DealDash Coronavirus Charity Donation
DealDash helping The American Red Cross with a coronavirus charity donation.

Stay Safe!

There is a lot of information regarding the coronavirus on the internet. Beware of the spreading misinformation and only trust news from trusted sources. Remember to follow local regulation and guidelines set by the authorities. As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC has information on how to act, what precautions to take and how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DealDash Coronavirus Charity Donation

We are raising funds for The American Red Cross to maintain help during these challenging times. As more people are staying home they have already seen a drastic decrease in blood drives in impacted areas. To combat this, the American Red Cross is hiring more staff and providing more resources to collect vital blood products for hospital patients. DealDash helps this by donating 100% of the final sales price of all auction wins paid this Saturday 3/21/2020, excluding car auction wins.

Implications for DealDash

Businesses across the country and world are affected to varying degrees by the coronavirus. With a large inventory from liquidation deals and buying overstock, DealDash will continue to operate normally. Furthermore, we will stick to our core company values and commit to providing the best customer service possible. Overall, DealDash employees are used to working remotely as the company supports this choice.

The fun and exciting auctions will continue normally to provide excitement to people staying at home. If you feel the days at home are long, read about what we suggest to do when you are bored on the internet. Finally, if there’s anything our customer support team can help you with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Update (2020/03/24): Final Sum DealDash Donated to Charity

We are happy to say we donated the final sales price of all the auction wins paid on 3/21/2020 to The American Red Cross. We address a big thank you to all the active DealDash customers during the charity event. In the end, we were able to help with a total charity donation of $7,655.34.

Final sum donated to The American Red Cross during COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
Final sum donated to the American Red Cross to help them during the COVID-19 coronavirus was $7,655.34.

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