What To Do When You Are Bored On The Internet

Right now, most of the world is staying inside because of COVID-19. Businesses everywhere are shutting their doors for the next few weeks.  Perhaps you are prepared. You bought your comfort food, found toilet paper, helped fight against COVID-19, and have your family tucked comfortably away at home. Great, but now what? Most Americans are used to living lives on the go; running to work, grabbing lunch with friends, or going to the mall with the kids. Now, those options are off the table and the struggle to keep from being bored begins. Our tablets and computers help, but what do you do when you get bored on the internet? Never fear, you are in the right place. Keep reading to kind out some new ways that you can maintain your mental health and keep from being bored on the internet.

There’s No Place Like Home Gym

Home exercise
If you can’t hit the gym, find common household items to use as weights! Milk containers are great for that use.

Our first tip to avoid being bored on the internet is to go to the gym. No, not that gym, stay at home! Go to a virtual gym by finding workout videos online! You can get a complete workout from the comfort of your own living room. From yoga to stretching to improvised power lifting, sites like YouTube.com will have instructional videos for free that can guide you in just about any discipline that you choose. And online stores like DealDash remain open so you can pick up any athletic gear that you may need for your home gym.

Exercise the Mind When You Are Bored on the Internet

Taking care of your body is important, but you need to look after your mind, too! Exercise your brain by taking the time to read a book. Perhaps you have a large bookshelf and plenty of options to read offline. If you don’t, then just go online and you have a worldwide library at your fingertips that can ensure you will not find yourself bored on the internet. And while it is important to stay informed about what is happening in the world, avoid the news.

yoga with family when bored on the internet
Bored? On the internet you can find guides to almost anything, for example having a relaxing yoga session with your family right at the comfort of your own home.

If you are anything like us, a break from the constant chatter is a good thing.  DealDash has auctioned off books that talk about moving past tough times, and the New York Times Bestsellers list is a great place to find new books and authors.  Online blogs are also fun to read, and the website Medium.com host blogs that detail just about any topic you can think of, including DealDash!

Eat Your Junk Food!

Physical and mental exercise can keep you from being bored and help you pass these quarantined times. Health is important, but as they say, you can only eat so many salads before you need a doughnut. The same goes for how you spend your time. Sometimes we want a light distraction that requires minimal effort and brainpower.

Enter social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition to providing a great distraction from the troubling times we find ourselves in, these sites also help you stay in touch with friends and family all over the country, something that is more important to do now than ever. If you are a DealDash user, then these social media sites can help you save money, too! DealDash offers weekly Facebook and YouTube promotions which you can participate in to earn hundreds of free bids each and every week. Saving money while not being bored on the internet? Sounds like the ideal quarantine plan!

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

You are unfortunately out of luck if you are looking for things to do outside of your home. Most restaurants and shops need to close for the next few weeks.  This limits options for shoppers, but for online businesses, it is business as usual.  DealDash has daily auctions for brands from all around the world! The items you can bid on range from toy slot cars to, well, real cars.  What better way to keep from being bored than winning a car? Bids are on sale daily on DealDash, so you can start off by saving some money right off the bat!

You have plenty of options at your disposal to keep from being bored on the internet. You can pass the time exercising your body and mind, reading books and blogs to learn something new, or shopping brands from all around the world, or even winning a car on DealDash! Whatever you choose to do, remember to stay busy, avoid becoming lost reading negative headlines, and stay active so that you can pick up right where you left off once quarantine is lifted.

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