Free DealDash Bids? Join the 11th Birthday Celebrations!

This week (3/9-3/15) we celebrate the DealDash 11th Birthday. Read about all the special promotions and daily gifts we present this week. Who knows – maybe there’s even some free DealDash bids in it for you!

Last year was a huge one on DealDash. The 10-year anniversary celebrations took place throughout the year, with the Grand Finale taking place last month. Now in 2020 it’s time to celebrate the 11th birthday and that’s just what we are doing this week!

Daily Present For You – Free DealDash Bids!

DealDash free bids present
The daily presents received from DealDash might include perks like cheaper bid packs and even free DealDash bids!

It’s never been a better time to visit DealDash daily. This week we bring you a small gift daily. Open the mobile app or visit the website and click the banner to redeem your daily gift. We won’t reveal everything but let’s say there might be cheaper bid packs, half-priced auctions and even some free bids! Furthermore, placing a bid every day is one requirement for the birthday challenge with a reward of your next bid pack being only 12¢ per bid.

Special Bid Packs

225 DealDash bid pack
Special 225 bid pack on DealDash to celebrate the 11th birthday

Every day this week a new special bid pack is auctioned. Each one of the special bid packs is only auctioned during that day before being replaced by a new one the next day.

Winning these special bid packs is a requirement to progress in two of the four Birthday Challenges this week.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Four DealDash challenges with rewards
Four different challenge badges to earn – four different rewards to go with them!

You get rewards for completing different challenges this week. There’s four different challenges you can complete with varying rewards. Below we present the challenge requirements and rewards.

Birthday Bidder

Stay active! Place a bid each day of the week and your next bid pack will be at a discounted price of 12¢ per bid! Overall, all it takes to complete this challenge is placing one bid per day. In addition, you even gain the Daily Returning Bidder Reward for doing so. See you in the auctions!

Time Is Your Friend

We are introducing a brand new challenge reward. When you complete this challenge you get 5 hours of time added to your Time as Highest Bidder bar or advance straight to the next level, whichever occurs first.

Bid Pack Winner Reward: 300 Free DealDash Bids

Win 5 special bid packs to get 300 free DealDash bids.
Different special birthday bid packs auctioned on DealDash this week

If you really like bidding on bid packs, this challenge is for you. All in all there’s 7 different special bid packs auctioned throughout the week. Finally, once you win 5 of those you have completed the challenge. When you have completed the challenge, we will insert 300 free DealDash bids to your account instantly!

In It To Bin It – Free DealDash Bids from Time as Highest Bidder rewards

Didn’t win an auction? No problem! As you know, using the DealDash Buy It Now option returns all bids you used in the auction back to your account and the item you bought is shipped to you without a shipping cost. Furthermore, this week it’s more beneficial than ever to do a “Buy It Now”! When you complete the Buy It Now purchase, you complete this challenge and get a personal +1X multiplier on your Time as Highest Bidder. In other words, you gain new levels faster and with that the free bid rewards.

Exciting Highlight Auctions

Apple product bundle sold on DealDash
Apple Bundle with MacBook Air, Apple Watch 5, iPhone 11 Pro and AirPods

A birthday week on DealDash wouldn’t be perfect without exciting highlight auctions throughout the week. Some of the highlight auctions this week include a Boosted Rev Electric Scooter. In addition we are auctioning an Apple Bundle that will cater all your personal electronics needs. Furthermore, other highlight auctions include a personal home theatre and finally a brand new 2020 Honda CR-V LX AWD CVT.

New Arrivals Take Over DealDash

Recent additions to the DealDash catalog are auctioned on Saturday 3/14 and Sunday 3/15. To clarify, our strategy is to keep the auctions on DealDash as new, interesting and exciting as possible. Introducing new items regularly is a core piece of this strategy.

All in all, this week is a glorious time to bid on DealDash. Have fun and happy bidding!

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