The Artsy Auctions Shirley Loves To Bid On!

We continue on the series of presenting our customers. Now it’s time to hear what Shirley says about bidding on her favorite online auction. Based on the chat we had with her, Shirley loves all the artsy auctions she’s won. She is reminded daily of her previous wins by the artwork, sculptures and clocks on her wall. The decorations are something she feels she wouldn’t have afforded in the retail market herself:

My best memory is an accumulation of all these wonderful things that I’ve been able to acquire. Items I would never be able to get in the retail market. The artwork in my home, the sculptures, the clocks – they’re all well made, they look gorgeous and it makes my home that much better.


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The artsy auction wins on her wall remind Shirley about the fireworks she once saw

Fireworks appear on screen when winning an artsy auction
The fireworks appear on your screen when you win an auction.

While she can’t remember where it all started, Shirley says she tried out other online auction sites too. All in all at the end of the day Shirley kept coming back to DealDash. Furthermore, Shirley listed the familiarity of DealDash, the ease of buying bids and the ease of entering auctions as what kept bringing her back.

Shirley says her best memory is the accumulation of all the artsy auctions she’s acquired. However, what she uses the most is the television set she says she made the bargain of her life on. These items in her home remind her daily about the fireworks she sees whenever she wins an auction.

It’s all together a wonderful site to use.

Shirley, DealDash customer

Finally Shirley ends the interview by listing her favorite things about DealDash. She mentions the prompt free shipping, ease of use and good customer service to name a few.

We hope you enjoy hearing what Shirley has to say and can relate! All in all, if there’s any questions you have, don’t hesitate to contact the DealDash customer support.

Happy Bidding!

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