Meet DealDash Customer Craig!

Real DealDash customer interview

Today we’re introducing a new YouTube series where a DealDash customer is interviewed. They’ll share their experience on DealDash, their favorite features and even some of the items they’ve won on DealDash.

Each episode will feature one DealDash customer and their story. This week, we’re introducing our customer Craig from Los Angeles. Craig first heard of DealDash in a TV commercial and his first thought was disbelief:

This can’t be real, they can’t be giving out deals like this. Then I went on and started winning great products at such a cheap price, it’s unbelievable.

Craig, DealDash customer

Check out the full video below:

Listen to what Craig has to say about his experience on DealDash

Craig lists his favorite auction win as the drone he won, which he says is easy to work with. As a result, he claims now to be a professional pilot. Well, maybe with a slight grin on his face and a wink of an eye! Overall he feels his experience on online auction bidding at DealDash is wonderful and he recommends it to all.

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Have fun in the auctions!

This is an interview with a real DealDash customer. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.