Free DealDash Bids? Join the 11th Birthday Celebrations!

This week (3/9-3/15) we celebrate the DealDash 11th Birthday. Read about all the special promotions and daily gifts we present this week. Who knows – maybe there’s even some free DealDash bids in it for you!

Last year was a huge one on DealDash. The 10-year anniversary celebrations took place throughout the year, with the Grand Finale taking place last month. Now in 2020 it’s time to celebrate the 11th birthday and that’s just what we are doing this week!

Daily Present For You – Free DealDash Bids!

DealDash free bids present
The daily presents received from DealDash might include perks like cheaper bid packs and even free DealDash bids!

It’s never been a better time to visit DealDash daily. This week we bring you a small gift daily. Open the mobile app or visit the website and click the banner to redeem your daily gift. We won’t reveal everything but let’s say there might be cheaper bid packs, half-priced auctions and even some free bids! Furthermore, placing a bid every day is one requirement for the birthday challenge with a reward of your next bid pack being only 12¢ per bid.

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How I Funded A Birthday Dinner With DealDash

DealDash Gift Card Birthday Party

It is our family tradition to take each one of our three daughters out for dinner on or around their birthdays. The whole family goes which totals 7 people so the bill can get pretty pricey. One of our favorite places to eat is Texas Roadhouse. Since DealDash offers Texas Roadhouse gifts cards, I figured why not bid on some of those. I scanned through the up-coming auctions to find the ones I wanted to bid on.

The first auction was on March 30, which I successfully won for $0.22 using just 5 bids. The next auction was on April 8. I won that auction for $0.82 using just 9 bids. For $1.04 and 14 bids, I had won $100.00 worth of Texas Roadhouse gift cards from DealDash. I figured I would try once more since I knew our bill would total over the value of those first two cards. On April 12th I once again began bidding on a $50.00 TRH gift card. Well, I got in with several bidders who were determined to keep the auction going at all costs so I eventually, after using 100 bids, chose to use the BIN option (Buy it Now and get my bids back) and got all my spent bids returned to me. I then had enough gift cards to cover the birthday dinner. My total investment for $150.00 in Texas Roadhouse gift cards was $51.04 and 14 bids. Not a bad haul!

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a DealDash bidder since 9-2012. I have won over 150 auctions. I live in Ohio with my family.