Are You the Latest New DealDash Bidder?

DealDashWelcome to you, the newest DealDash bidder! Here are some tips, tricks, and hints to get you started on your way to winning.

Are you new to bidding on DealDash? There are lots of tips and ins and outs of the site to learn, and I will guide you through all of it. Sit back, relax, and prepare to hear all about getting started on DealDash. Read on for more information.

How Does DealDash Bidding Work?

What is DealDash? DealDash is what’s known as a “Pay to bid” site. As in, you buy the bids beforehand, and use these to bid on the auctions. There are other pay to bid sites out there, but DealDash is one of the oldest and most respected sites out there. DealDash has been around for a little over eight years now, and bidders have won millions of dollars in prizes. DealDash runs auctions twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, even on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Here’s how to get started on your new favorite website:

You’ll need to buy a bid pack to get started. When you buy your first bid pack, the bids will cost .60 each. After you have completed your first bid pack purchase, you’ll see the sale prices. DealDash offers a new sale on bids each day. Some days the bids cost .14, other days they cost .13 or .15 each. You’ll never know how much they cost until you log into your account. It’s a surprise each day.

After you purchase your bids you can explore the site and bid on anything that you would like to. There are tons of auctions on the front page, and you can click on each to open it up and read more. You can also bid from the main page. It’s your choice, do whatever makes you comfortable.

What’s the BidBuddy?

The BidBuddy is something that you will see when you open up an individual auction page. The BidBuddy is DealDash’s bidding aid. The BidBuddy is available on each auction and can be found to the right of the picture of the item. Just click in the empty box on the BidBuddy and then add in your choice of bids. You can add anywhere between 1 and however many bids you have in your bid bank. Next, hit “Book a BidBuddy” and you’ll see your BidBuddy begin to bid for you in the auction.

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