How to Strategize Your Way Out of a Winning Slump on DealDash

When you’re in a winning slump and you just don’t quite know what to do, take it to heart that we all go through those times and it’s not uncommon. If you’d like to get your bidding groove back, here are a few things to consider:


Is it just a busy day? Do there seem to be a lot more bidders on than normal? Do you secretly wonder where they all came from and why they came out in droves today?


Is there a really great promotion going on? Is it a free auction wins or half-price auction wins day? Can you earn 3x – 4x more time as the highest bidder? Are there 50 or more auctions starting at the same time? If so, these are all popular promotions that drive bidders to bid.


Are there a lot of experienced bidders today? There are some bidders who have been on the site a long time—since it started even! They know their way around the auctions and have developed a skill for winning. You’ll get to know their user names the more you bid.


Are you bidding during a popular day and time of week?  I always ask myself if the majority of bidders would be on when I’m bidding. For example, is it after work and before bed, a weekend or holiday? If it’s one of these types of days and times, chances are many others are available to bid.


So how do you combat these things and get your strategy going for the win?


  • Try late evening or early morning hours during the week when there may be fewer bidders on. Keep in mind DealDash is available to U.S. residents in all time zones so your midnight may be someone else’s peak time of 9 p.m.


  • Try a weekday when most are at work. It might be just the trick you’re looking for to increase your chances of winning.


  • Try a day with regular priced buys instead of a promotion-heavy one. Chances are your win will still be just pennies on the dollar.


  • Take a break and come back later. If you’re having a morning where you just can’t seem to win a thing, try coming back in the afternoon and bidding traffic may be lighter.


  • Switch up your strategy. If you start bidding from the get-go on an item, put in a handful of bids then see if the bidders stay plentiful. If there are a lot of bidders, pull back and watch the bidding for a while until it tapers off a bit. Pop back in the auction at a mid-way point. Just a word of caution: I’ve tried this unsuccessfully by waiting until there are just two bidders and in many cases, the last two bidders drop out of the auction at the same time, leaving me stranded and someone else getting the win.


  • Be patient. Take the time to make a wish list and follow those items, days, times, bidders and end prices to make a strategic plan for winning specific items. Most items come back around for auction on no time!



I hope these tips to help you out of your winning slump and get you moving toward your next great win really soon.


Have a great DealDash day!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.