Bidding for Bids, the DealDash Way

800 Bid Pack!Tired of buying bids? Bid on bid packs! Read on for more information from DealDash.

Do you ever bid on bid packs on DealDash? The bid packs category is a very popular category on DealDash that many people love. There are many different bid pack auctions daily, you’re sure to get a good deal on bids if you bid and win bid packs! If you’d like to learn more about bid packs on DealDash, keep reading.

Choose a Number of Bids

Firstly, don’t just bid on any bid pack that you see. That would be a good way to waste a lot of bids and get extremely frustrated. What you’ll want to do before bidding on anything is to do some research. You’ll want to see exactly what number of numbers of bids are offered in bid pack auctions today. After you have picked what number of bids you want to win, you’ll need to choose the auction that you want to participate in. From a quick look at the auctions that are going on today, I see choices from 100 bids to 6,000 bids. Depending on the day that you are bidding, there might be different choices.

Pick the Correct Auction

Next, after you have chosen the number of bids that you want to win, you’ll need to choose the auction. DealDash typically offers the same auction multiple times per day if it’s a common item like bid packs. So if you’ve decided to go for the 1,000 bid pack, then you should go through and see what all of the starting times are for the different 1,000 bid packs. Then you can determine what bid pack that you would like to bid on.

Finally, you can either load up your BidBuddy with bids, or you can come back later if you want to watch the auction and do single-bids. My suggestion, however, is to put at least 1 bid in your BidBuddy. This way you won’t get locked out of the auction in case you don’t remember to come back in time for the auction to begin.

Use Free Bids


Do you come to DealDash for the free daily bids? If you do, then why not use the free bids that you receive from DealDash on bid packs? It can be a little disappointing to bid on bid packs and not win – if you use the free bids that you get from DealDash then you can just say “Oh well, they were free bids anyway!”

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