Bigger Wins Equals Bigger Fun on DealDash


Any win on DealDash is fun. However, bigger wins equal bigger fun!

What have been some of your biggest wins on DealDash? If you’ve had some really big wins on DealDash you know that they are even more amazing than small wins. Read on for more information from DealDash below.


How Many Big Wins Do You Get?

What are you trying to win? If you’re not familiar with DealDash winning limits, they are as follows:

  • You may win the same item only once per week.
  • A few auctions are restricted only to users who have never won a “One-Per-User” auction. They are clearly marked.

Are You BINning Higher Priced Items?

Did you know that you are able to use DealDash‘s BIN “Buy It Now” protection on all auctions? This includes higher priced auctions as well as lower priced ones. This will be a big deal for you if you find yourself having spent 1,276 bids on an item and end up not winning. You can get every one of those 1,276 bids back by BINning the item.

When you BIN (Buy It Now) an item when you don’t win you will receive the item, free shipping, and all of your bids back to use in a different auction. Surprisingly, you will also get to keep the “clock time” that you earned by bidding on the item.

Bidding Big? Set a Budget for Yourself

If you’re planning on bidding on a more expensive auction be sure to set a budget for yourself. Being a responsible bidder and setting spending limits for yourself just makes good sense. Setting up a DealDash budget is simple, and as long as you are able to stick to it you’ll be very pleased to see yourself saving money.



Thanks for Reading the Blog

I hope this article has you thinking about your next big win. Get the most out of your DealDash experience by following the bidding tips on the DealDash Blog. If you’re interested in reading more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. You’ll be glad that you took the time to do your research.

DealDash has everything that you need with one-stop shopping, from clothing to tools to art. Start your holiday shopping now! Go check out the site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!

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