Calling All New Bidders: All the Help You Need to Succeed on DealDash

I remember back almost two years ago when I was a “newbie” on DealDash and I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by the process of bidding. With time, patience and practice, I slowly discovered that DealDash has all the tools available for newbies (and all bidders) to up their game and win on DealDash. Over time, the tools offered to bidders have grown and one area that’s particularly useful to new bidders is located in the Help section.


Where Can New Bidders Find Help?

It’s super easy! Click Help on the main page of the DealDash auction site. It is the second tab in from the left right after the Auctions tab. Once there, you will notice several tabs that will help give you some useful tips on how to get started.


The How It Works Video

This is a great starting place for all newbies. In a short video just under three minutes in length, DealDash gives you a quick and easy tour on how the bidding and winning process works on DealDash. For a short investment of time, you’ll get all the basics on one easy step. Be sure to check it out before you get started.


The How to Bid in an Auction tab

This great little section gives you information on how to get bids back with the Buy It Now option, how to use and save bids with BidBuddy, how to get free bids with Time as the Highest Bidder and information on Winning Limits.  All of these features will help you save time, money and bids on DealDash.


The Tutorial Auction

I honestly think this little invention is one of the greatest things DealDash has to offer its newest bidders. Operating the tutorial is great for two reasons:  1) it gives you a free walk-through of bidding in an auction and 2) it does so without you having to invest any bids. Try it as many times as you like to get the hang of bidding.


Tips & Tricks in One Easy Location

Who doesn’t love a one-stop spot for tips and tricks? This tab gives you the place to go to learn about conserving bids, using BidBuddy, earning free bids, studying your competition, the Buy It Now option, using the Winners tab and even more tips on maximizing your bids on DealDash.


More Help Just Where You Need It

The Help section also provides tabs named: What is a bid pack?, What is “Time as highest bidder”?, Promotions, Orders & Shipping, Payments and House Rules. All of this is helpful information to new bidders to the site.


When All Else Fails…

 While DealDash does a fantastic job of providing its bidders with the information it needs to be successful, there may be those times when you just can’t figure something out and need a little additional assistance. For this, there is Customer Support.  Time and time again, the customer support team has been top-rated by bidders and they are always available to help.  If you have a question, feel free to ask.


DealDash puts forth a great effort to listen to its customers and provide them with the tools to educate themselves and succeed in the auctions. Here’s wishing you great bids and great wins!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.