Change Your DealDash Thinking Today


DealDash ThinkingTrying to think differently on DealDash is the smart thing to do. If you have been trying things the same way for a while change your thinking today!

Using your brain effectively is a big part of playing and winning auctions on DelDash. What sorts of bidding strategies do you like to use on DealDash? If you have hit a lull in your winning perhaps it’s time to change your thinking and your bidding strategies on DealDash. You don’t want any of your fellow bidders to get to know you and your bidding style too well. Here are some ways that you can try to think differently and act differently on DealDash.

Do Your Best Thinking in the Shower

Many people do their best thinking when they are in the shower. Maybe the next time that you are in the shower in the morning you’ll try to think up some great new strategies for playing on DealDash. Better yet, if you get up and shower a little earlier, you’ll have some time to check the auctions before you have to go about your day.

Think About BINning

If you’re pretty certain that you’re not going to win an auction that you’re in you’ll want to think about BINning (Buying It Now). Arriving at the decision that you’re going to buy the item at retail price and get all of your bids back can really take the weight of winning or losing off of your shoulders. If you enter the auction prepared to BIN it, then there is zero stress of winning or losing, because you know that you’re going to get all of your bids back and have the item shipped to you for free as well.

Bid at a Different Time

Are you the sort of person who only uses DealDash at night before bed, or maybe on the weekends? Thinking differently means doing things differently as well. Why not try to think of a different time that you can squeeze in some DealDashing? Maybe on your lunch break at work, while you’re in the kitchen making dinner, or even set your alarm for 2AM and see what’s going on in DealDash Land at that time. Think differently, act differently, win more auctions.

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