Customers Love DealDash’s Fair and Honest Auctions

Customers Love DealDash’s Fair and Honest Auctions

There are tons of auction sites on the Internet, and all of them claim to give customers what they want. Many of these sites promise the world, but only DealDash consistently delivers the fair and honest legitimate bargains that bidders crave. That’s why DealDash has over 1.5 million registered users, and is currently the longest running site of its kind in the United States!

DealDash has become the Internet’s #1 site for legitimate bargains by making the auctions fair, honest, and easy for inexperienced bidders to win. DealDash features unique innovations that you won’t find on other sites, such as the No Jumper™ auctions which limit the number of bidders in a particular auction, and the BidBuddy tool that can place bids for you even when you’re away from your computer. Not only that, DealDash guarantees free shipping on all items available on the site, and that all items will arrive brand new, in the original box, and covered by the original warranty. Just check out these Internet reviews to learn more about DealDash and why there are so many satisfied DealDash customers:

The customer service at DD is the best. They have always answered my questions and have even given me ideas on how to obtain free bids. DD is fair, honest & trustworthy and is, without doubt a 5-star auction site.

I think is the #1 auction site. I’ve used the others and found very little satisfaction with their products,and overall handling of their sites. Dealdash not only has the best assortment of products but also free shipping and the best customer service around. If you’re new to auctions don’t waste your time and money on the other sites Dealdash is the one for good experiences and great for deals.

My husband in Afghanistan said to tell DealDash “Thank You for the Night Watch Vison 4×50 and the 10x Binoculars. They will help keep me safe”. I paid 6.56 for the Night Vision and a penny for the Binoculars. My son and I here in the USA say Thank YOU !! You are helping us more than you know….

You can also check out DealDash’s Official Facebook page to read more testimonials from customers, and even see photos that DealDash community members post of the great items they win in the auctions. Winners can post their pictures to earn free bids to use on the site, and are automatically entered in a weekly contest to win a 500 dollar gift card! Not only that, DealDash has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on initial bid pack purchases, which makes trying the site out a risk-free proposition. Internet auctions have never been as reliable and exciting as they are at DealDash, and winning fantastic deals has never been this easy! Find out what everyone’s talking about by signing up for a free account today!

With over 6,000 auctions scheduled every day, DealDash has become the Internet’s #1 source of legitimate bargains! DealDash ships over 150,000 great products to auction winners every year, and has over 1.5 million customers in the United States!