DealDash: Best Inventory Liquidation

Great News from DealDash Headquarters! Our passion for excess inventory liquidation will be recognized at the 2021 Global Brand Awards

We are beyond excited to receive the award for “Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service – USA” at the 9th annual award ceremony held by Global Brands Magazine. These awards shine a light on global companies across a broad range of sectors whose excellent work deserves recognition in the branding world and beyond.

DealDash is the Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service
DealDash was awarded the Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service in the USA in 2021 by Global Brand Magazine.

DealDash impressed the evaluators in the fields of customer service, satisfaction, digital innovation, strategic relationships and new business development.

CEO of Global Brands Magazine Shiv Kumar commented, “We had quite a few contenders for the Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service award. DealDash is a frontrunner in perfecting the gamification model and building a stellar reputation for customer service, distinguishing it from its peers.”

Best in Inventory Liquidation

Our efforts to liquidate excess inventory from overcrowded warehouses and stock rooms around the world has made us a global frontrunner in this field. Since 2009, we have helped move nearly 2 Million items through our pay-to-bid auctions. And it is something we are incredibly passionate about.

What is “Inventory Liquidation”?

Excess inventory liquidation is the act of selling off excess stock and unsold merchandise. Liquidating excess inventory is a great way to free up capital and storage room for new products. We help find new homes for these unsold products so that companies can focus on what’s next.

Inventory Liquidation and Sustainability

When excess inventory isn’t liquidated, it can end up in long-term storage, landfills, or even incinerated. Liquidating excess inventory allows companies to get their products to consumers that they oftentimes would not have been able to reach. This helps save both the products, and the environment. 

How does DealDash approach Inventory Liquidation?

Our approach to inventory liquidation is simple: we purchase excess inventory in bulk from warehouses and storage across the country. We then sell these items to our customers through our auction site, often at savings of 90% or more. It’s a win-win-win.

Amazing Customer Experience

While we pride ourselves on our work in the field of inventory liquidation, we have always been a customer first company. Still, being recognized for our work in excess inventory liquidation is an honor for our CEO Pasi Lohi, who said: 

“This award is validation that the work we do has true value. While the award is for inventory liquidation, we see it as recognition of an amazing customer experience, which starts with our suppliers throughout the country, extends to our partners across the globe, and provides great savings to our end customers. This collaboration keeps our customers satisfied, our business partners happy, and our stakeholders smiling.” 

Today, we are the longest running and most trusted provider in our category.

The Value of Customer Experience

We value our customers. Throughout the years, we have found success through building strategic partnerships with producers and suppliers across the globe and helping them liquidate their excess inventory. The success of these partnerships ensures that we can focus on our end customers, and not only help them save money, but provide them an unbeatable customer experience.

World Class Customer Service

With 20 Million registered users, our customers remain to be our number one priority. That’s why we have invested heavily into Customer Service, providing the absolute best service possible and enhancing the customer experience from start to finish. These efforts are reflected by ratings on Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot.


Winning this award has made it clear that we do more than just help people save money on quality products. We are hard at work finding new ways to bring our passion for sustainability, charity, and customer experience to life. 

All while bringing you some of the best deals you can find anywhere on the internet.

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