DealDash Free Tools of the Trade


DealDash offers some amazing tools of the trade – for free. Read this article to learn how to use them.

DealDash can be very competitive – there are millions of registered users. Luckily for us, DealDash offers many free tools of the trade that you can use to try to get a “leg-up” on the competition. Of course, being a fair and honest website, DealDash offers them to everyone. When you realize that the other bidders are using these tools, you’ll need to use them to keep up with the rest! Read on to learn how to use these tools to enhance your entertainment shopping experience.

Set Reminder Alerts

Do you see something on DealDash that isn’t available to bid on right now? Are your worried that you won’t remember to keep checking back, and you’ll completely miss it? No worries, DealDash fans! There is a DealDash tool called “Alert Me.”

How does Alert Me work? It’s simple! All you have to do is click the button that says “Alert me” and DealDash will send you an email when DealDash has scheduled an auction for this item. DealDash will alert you when the auction is starting within a couple of days, and then again when the auction is starting within a couple of hours.

Use the App to Your Advantage

We talked about the DealDash app earlier in the week. If you didn’t download the app already, then you should get on that! The DealDash app is an amazing free tool you need to use if you want to keep up with the other bidders. You can download the free DealDash app on either the Google Play store or the Apple App store. After you have used the app to win some auctions on DealDash, be sure to rate and review it!


There are no ifs, and’s, or buts – the best DealDash tool around is the BidBuddy. Every auction includes a BidBuddy, and it’s so easy to use, as well. You can put in as many or as few bids as you like, the amount is only limited by how many bids you have in your bid bank. This is completely different than some of the other bidding sites that limit you to arbitrary limits.

You can cancel the BidBuddy or add more bids at any time. Your BidBuddy will alternate bidding with the other BidBuddies that are set until there are no more bids placed from BidBuddies or other bidders, and whoever has the last bid in before the clock runs out is the winner. The BidBuddy is the best tool in your DealDash toolbox, hands down!

Thanks for Reading the Blog

DealDash toolbox

It’s time to hop onto DealDash! I hope that this article has been helpful for you to learn how to use some of the free tools that are available for you to use. Go check out the site, or download the app and take advantage of the great deals and promotions that are going on today. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.