What is the best DealDash promotion?

Do you know all of the promotions DealDash has to offer to help you get the win? Take a look at the comprehensive list below to help you decide which promos work best for you!


Free Auction Wins

These auctions feature free wins! All you do is pay for the bids and bid away! If you win an item, the final bid price (no matter how much it is!) is free!!! All you pay is a PENNY to process your credit card and the item you won will be on its way to you. Bonus: Shipping is always free at DealDash! This auction is usually very popular—who doesn’t love FREE?—so the competition may be a little more active on these days.


Half-Price Auction Wins

In this popular promotion, the final auction price will be cut in half! That’s right!! You win an auction for $100 and your final price will be only $50!! As always, shipping is free and half-price items are a great deal!


No New Bidders After $3

Normally, DealDash auctions are designed so that no new bidders may enter an auction after it reaches the $5 mark. This helps reduce last-minute jumpers into the auctions. In this type auction, no new bidders may enter an auction after the $3 mark, which works in the bidders favor to create less competition! This type of auction is very popular as well as bidders feel they have a greater chance of winning. And don’t be intimidated by the number of initial bidders who enter this type of auction as many folks want to place a handful of bids before the $3 closing mark. Hang in there for the win!


50 or More Auctions Starting at the Same Time

Every once in a while, DealDash will offer bidders a large number of auctions that all start at the same time. While you will see bidders place a few bids in each auction, it’s better to find the ones you really, really want to win and concentrate your bids there for the win!


Bargain Prices on Bids

Bids on DealDash are 60 cents each but DealDash offers special prices almost every single day! It’s a great day on DealDash when bids are priced at 16, 15, 14, 13 and as low as 12 cents per bid! Stock up on bids when they are offered at their lowest prices to get the most bang for your bidding buck!


Level Up for Free Bids

Each time you are the highest bidder in an auction, you earn up to 10 seconds per bid toward your next level. When you hit your next level, you win free bids! And each time you advance a level, you earn more bids than the previous level. DealDash offers regular opportunities to earn those bids—2x, 3x, 4x or more—even faster! Just think…with a 3x faster earning potential, every time you are the highest bidder you earn up to 30 seconds (instead of 10) toward those free bids and your next level!


Regular Auctions are Still a Great Deal Too!

With all these wonderful DealDash promotions available, it’s easy to forget that the regular daily auction is still a great deal too. Why wait for a promotion when the regular DealDash auction is pretty awesome? With the regular DealDash auction, you may see less competition and more chances to win!




Whichever your bidding style or preference, take note of some pretty terrific types of auctions and ways to earn and save on DealDash! You’ll be glad you did.