DealDash Heroes: United States Air Force


Welcome to the newest DealDash series, DealDash Heroes! Today we are going to be talking a little bit about the United States Air Force.

The United States Air Force is one of the seven branches of American uniformed services that also includes the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and finally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps. All of these branches of uniformed services are extremely important, but today we are going to focus on the Air Force. Here is a little bit more information about the Air Force, their history, and their importance to our country.

Air Force History

The Air Force originally started as a branch of the Army and became its own entity on September 18th of 1947. The Air Force is the most recent branch of our military to be formed. You probably aren’t surprised to know that the Air Force is in charge of protecting our air and space, did you know that they are also responsible for protecting our cyber space as well? As the most recent and technically savvy branch of the United States Military, the Air Force is in charge of keeping us safe from cyber criminals.

Presidental Airmen

We have two former presidents who were also in the Air Force. In 1937, Ronald Reagan enlisted as a reservist in the Air Force and was ordered to active duty in April 1942. He left active duty at the rank of captain on December 9, 1945. Ronald Reagan was part of a special unit that made films for the Air Force. By the time Ronald Reagan’s enlistment was over, his unit had produced over 400 training films for the Air Force.

Our other presidential airman was George W. Bush, who joined the Texas Air National Guard of the U.S. Air Force in 1968. George W. Bush trained as a fighter pilot, and in 1973 was transferred to the Air Force Reserve. George W. Bush was honorably discharged at the rank of first lieutenant in 1974.

The Air Force Tracks Santa

Starting in December of 1955, there were ads in the newspaper telling kids that they could call Santa to find out his current location. The ads included a phone number. The number that was listed in the ads actually called the U.S. Air Defense Command. The colonel on duty ordered his team to give all kids information on jolly old St. Nick’s “current location.” This tradition now handles calls from over 200 countries, and also offers online tracking as well.


How Can We Thank the Air Force Airmen?

The airmen (and women, but they are all called airmen) are brave individuals that protect our freedom. We should all be grateful to them and show our appreciation for their selfless acts of courage. How can we show our appreciation to our Air Force airmen?

There are a few ways that you can thank airmen in the air force. There is a wonderful website that you can visit called This website will give you the address of a random airman so that you can send them a letter, card or care package. You can also choose to donate any amount of money, large or small, on the website that will be used to make care packages for airmen.

Another way that you could help an airman is to contact your local veteran’s hospital and ask if you could visit or volunteer. Some veterans that are in the hospital don’t get any visitors, and this would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

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