Badges are Now on DealDash to Explore


Have you seen the fun new surprise on DealDash? There are now badges available!

If you haven’t been on DealDash in the past week or two, you probably haven’t seen the new change…Badges! Yes! There are now badges to win on DealDash while you are competing in DealDash auctions. Isn’t that fun? That’s one of the reasons that I love DealDash so much, they are always thinking of new and interesting things to entertain their customers. If you’re interested in learning more about the DealDash badges read on.

Where Are My Badges?

Your DealDash badges are easy to find. Simply go to your DealDash main page, and look at the top bar. You should see buttons that say Auctions, Help, How it Works, Badges, Winners, and My Dashboard. Just click on “Badges” and it will take you to a list of all of the available badges that you can earn from DealDash.


What Badges Can I Earn?

There are currently twenty-five badges that you can earn. Here is a list of the badges you can earn, and how to earn them.

  1. New Best Friend. Earn by Booking two BidBuddies.
  2. Story Time. Earn by writing something about yourself in your Bidder Bio.
  3. Worth a Thousand Words. Earn by setting a custom avatar for your profile.
  4. Buy it Now. Earn by purchasing an item with Buy It Now.
  5. The Trader. Earn by exchanging an auction win to bids.
  6. On The Go. Earn by logging in with the DealDash app on Android or iOS.
  7. In My Humble Opinion. Earn by writing a review for an item you’ve gotten from DealDash.
  8. The Explorer. Earn by winning an auction from six different categories.
  9. Big Ticket Bidder. Earn by winning 5 auctions for items with a retail price over $500 each.
  10. Bidding Power. Earn by winning 5 auctions from the Bid Packs category.
  11. The Techie. Earn by winning 5 auctions from the Electronics & Computers category.
  12. Beauty and the Bids. Earn by winning 5 auctions from the Fashion, Health & Beauty category.
  13. Game On. Earn by winning 5 auctions from the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors & Games category.
  14. Home Sweet Home. Earn by winning 5 auctions from the Home, Garden & Tools category.
  15. The Chef. Earn by winning 5 auctions from the Kitchen & Dining category.
  16. There Can Only Be One. Earn by winning 5 One-Per-User auctions.
  17. The Champion. Earn by winning a total of 5 auctions.
  18. Another Day, Another Auction. Earn by getting the daily returning bidder reward every day for 1 weeks.
  19. Runner Up. Earn by finishing second place in an auction.
  20. Endurance Race. Earn by winning an auction that runs for more than 10 hours.
  21. In It to Win It. Earn by placing 100 or more bids in an auction.
  22. Going the Distance. Earn by placing a total of 1,000,000 bids in all auctions on DealDash.
  23. Me and My Buddies. Earn by booking a BidBuddy in 5 different auctions at the same time.
  24. DealDash Loyal. Earn by purchasing 20,000 bids in a calendar month.
  25. Automaton. Win an auction without placing any single bids.

    I have only earned a few of these badges so far. However, my favorite one that I’ve earned is the “Going the Distance” badge. When you earn this badge it will tell you how many bids that you’ve placed on DealDash in total. It was fun to see how many bids that I have placed since I have been on DealDash.




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