DealDash is BBB Accredited

Stand Up for Trust – DealDash joins the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business which helps set standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance.

Earlier this month, on November 4, 2014, DealDash confirmed it’s business accreditation with the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota in a unified effort to bring trust and compliance to the pay to play penny auction industry. Since DealDash launched back in 2009, the new and emerging Online Auction / Penny Auction industry has seen more than a thousand online auctions launch, but after more than five years, the market has started to mature and only the companies that are consistently providing a good experience remain.

DealDash BBB

Since DealDash’s inception it has grown into the most trusted and longest running online pay-to-play auction site in the United States and immediately differentiated itself from all other auction services with it’s tremendously popular Buy it Now option (BIN). BIN allows consumers to purchase the item at fair market retail price and get their bid credits back when they lost the auction.

The recreational shopping space is a multi billion dollar industry. With millions and millions of people continuing to try new online auction services, DealDash believes joining the BBB will help consumers find trustworthy companies and choose them over bad operators. DealDash believes it’s especially important in new emerging industries like this for a trusted authority like the BBB to assure consumers of companies that have a proven track record of delivering on their promises.

On average DealDash customers rate their service experience a 4.5 out of 5. DealDash believes much of this attributes to prompt response times consumers receive to their support inquiries (average 15 hrs to first reply) compared to the retail industry average of 26.6 hrs.

average time to first response is a first of its kind online pay to play auction that allows customers to shop thousands of unique items daily from the comfort of their home. DealDash is making shopping more fun by turning it into a game with a mission to be the most exciting way to get a deal on the planet!