As we begin our holiday preparations and think of ways we can celebrate the season, DealDash has offered us many ways to enjoy the bidding , winning and/or buying it now we are able to do.  So, I was thinking about what the DealDash penny auction site offers all of the customers who participate in the auctions every day.  How can we use the winnings on DealDash to help improve our thanks?  For starters, we can spell out Thanksgiving with items we can win on DeadDash.

T = Trampoline or Texaco Gift Card

H = HP laser jet printers

A = Aeropostale gift card for the younger generation

N = Nintendo DS, a great gift for kids of all ages

K = Kmart Gift Cards, sometimes with bids

S = Shell Gift Cards to get you to Grandma’s

G = Gift Cards Galore for all kinds of place

I =  iHop, love those pancakes

V = Vtech toys for your children or grandchildren

I = iTunes gift cards, my grandson loves them!

N = NBA2K15, game for PS4 or Xbox One


We celebrate the season with our families and friends and we are so fortunate to have an opportunity to share with others.  While we are bidding during the holidays we need to keep in mind there are less fortunate people in our communities.  Let’s share our good will with each other, bid fair, and enjoy the fact we have found the most fair bidding penny auction site there is.

Remember with free shipping, fast shipping, excellent customer service and the opportunity to win or buy it now when the auction does not go in your favor,  DealDash offers us all equal opportunities to get the items we want either by winning or buying.   Happy Thanksgiving fellow bidders!

By Joan Vith