Thankful for the Small Things

The leaves are changing colors and falling, the nights are getting chilly, and Thanksgiving is almost upon us. We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for your family and friends, having a warm place to sleep and plenty to eat – but what else should we be thankful for?

In addition to all of the things mentioned above, I am also very thankful for DealDash. Not only does DealDash save me money, it also fills my days with the excitement and anticipation of WINning. Before I discovered DealDash I spent a lot of my time idly watching TV or movies to pass the time, but now I spend that same time studying DealDash, researching products and prices, and honing my strategies.

My biggest reason that I am thankful for DealDash is not for the excitement or even the savings, but thanks to DealDash I started a successful YouTube channel doing “Unboxings” of all of the products that I WIN or BIN from DealDash. If it wasn’t for DealDash I would have never even thought of the idea.

I would imagine that most people are thankful for the savings, though, and I can understand why, here is an absolute truth: You can never lose when you are bidding on something that you are planning on buying anyway for yourself or your family. The reason I say that you can never lose is because you can always use the BIN (But It Now) feature that DealDash offers and buy the product for a fair market price and also receive every single one of your bids back, instantaneously.

I know that DealDash is also thankful for us customers, too! Do you know how I know that? Well, if DealDash wasn’t thankful for all of us that play in their auctions they wouldn’t do so many nice promotions for us like .14 cent bids or auction blasts when they have 150 or even 200 auctions start at once. I think another nice thing that DealDash offers that shows that they are thankful for us is this blog right here! DealDash wants us to WIN, so therefore they set up this blog for us to trade tips and tricks.

There is still a little time before Thanksgiving to think: What are you Thankful for this year?

Bio: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 7 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 140 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings”, here is the link: