DealDash Salutes Police Officers

At DealDash, we appreciate the job of all police officers in the United States. A police officer’s job can be thankless and is certainly never done. Police officers dedicate themselves to rigorous training and life-threatening situations on a daily basis, adhering to a commitment and oath to serve and protect the citizens of the United States.

Among this nation’s police force are committed men and women who serve in local, state and branches of government as well as in specialized fields such as the U.S. parks, Sheriffs, Marshalls and in the Secret Service.

Special skill divisions within departments can include:  bomb squads, computer crimes, underwater search teams, homicide, fraud, traffic enforcement, K-9, drugs and crash investigations, to name just a few.

Police officers can serve in small ways from traffic and desk duty to undercover units that put themselves in the line of serious danger on every assignment. Domestic disputes occupy a majority of some local officers’ time with the goal of but no guarantee for peaceful resolutions.

We had a chance to interview our great customer Dana, a retired police officer who has been on DealDash since 2014. We know that Dana loves bidding on DealDash, but we wanted to learn more about his experience as a police officer. We hope you enjoy the interview!

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When did you decide to become a Police Officer?

I became a Police Officer at 21 years of age. I wanted to help make a change. I devoted my life to this belief that I could. Two weeks later my first son was born. I was on top of the world!  I had a new career and and a new way of life. I was a proud father and provider.


How did your first years as a Police Officer go?

I was not prepared for what laid in store. I learned quickly though and in less than 5 years went from Rookie to Sgt. Not bad I thought! Now I held the responsibility of my life and that of several other women and men. I learned as much as I could as fast as I could. I wanted to be the best.


What was your best experience as a Police Officer?

As I focused on being the best, I had a lot of experiences getting there. I want to share my first and scariest experience I encountered, as stupid as it turns out to be. Here it goes: A silent alarm at a Tiffany Lamp Factory. I entered the building from one side and my partner entered the other as it was a long and straight building.  As I was shining my flash light, carefully, I saw a shadow and at the same time I heard a noise. I immediately withdrew my gun. I walked a little further and all of a sudden a box was knocked over and a shadow appeared well in front of me, very large. I pointed my weapon, only to find out that it was a cat!  I cannot explain the fear and anxiety factor even though it turned out to be a cat.


Thanks for your time Dana, we really enjoyed chatting with you. Anything else you’d like to add?

I am thankful that I never had to fire my weapon in the line of duty and never took a life and I am still alive and kicking. During my career, I received four commendations for disarming an armed subject without anybody getting hurt. For me this was an accomplishment. I am now retired and I LOVE to play on DealDash!!  Live Life, Enjoy Family and Have Fun!!


To the men and women in blue—DealDash thanks you for putting yourselves in harm’s way and for living to protect and serve this great nation and its citizens every day.