DealDash Heroes: Firefighters


Welcome to the newest DealDash series, DealDash Heroes! Today we are going to be talking a little bit about firefighters.

Everyone is familiar with firefighters, and many, many little boys (and some little girls!) want to grow up to be firefighters when they grow up. Firefighters are some of the most brave and courageous individuals that I know of. Here is a little but more information about firefighters, their history, and their importance to our communities.

Firefighter History

Can you guess how long organized firefighters in the USA have been around? If you guessed January 27, 1678, you’d be right! The first fire engine company in the USA went into service with its captain Thomas Atkins in January 27, 1678. Before 1678, if there was a fire ordinary citizens would form bucket brigades and attempt to fight the fire themselves. This was typically not very successful, there were many injuries and very few instances of success. 

What Else Do Firefighters Do?

When you think of firefighters, you probably have two mental images – fighting fire, of course, and saving kittens that get stuck up in trees. However, firefighters do so much more for the community than just fight fires and rescue kittens! Another huge part of being a firefighter is administering medical aid as well. Interestingly enough, in the USA, more than half of the calls that firefighters go to are actually for medical aid and not for fires! Many firefighters are trained in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) as well as fighting fires. This makes firefighters even more valuable to citizens.

Firefighters work very closely with law enforcement as well. Did you know that every fire that firefighters are called to come help with is considered a crime scene until it is cleared with the police? This means that firefighters have the additional job of preserving evidence and protecting the crime scene as well?

How Can We Thank Firefighters?

Being a firefighter is a difficult and dangerous job. In many cases, the firefighters who are risking their lives for us daily are actually volunteers as well. We should all be grateful to them and show our appreciation for their selfless acts of courage.

Of course, the easiest and best way that you can help your local fire station is to give them a donation. If you don’t want to give a monetary donation, gifts of bottled water, canned goods, blankets, and personal hygiene supplies are typically welcomed as well. If you’re interested in giving this type of donation just give your local fire station a call and see when the best time is to drop off a donation. Show the firefighters how much you appreciate all of their hard work for your community.


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