DealDash Winning Limits Have Changed!

In case you didn’t notice the banner on over the weekend, I am here to annouce that the structure of the winning limits have changed.

Are you a big bidder on DealDash? Do you find yourself filling up all of your slots to win items on DealDash just a day or two after they have opened back up? Are you the sort of person who win all of your items right away and find yourself hoping, wishing, and dreaming that you could still play on DealDash and are saddened when you realize that you still have a week until you can play on DealDash again?

Well good news, people! The winning limits on DealDash have completely changed. The 100% official news fro DealDash is as follows:

To ensure equal chances for everyone, you may win the same item only once per week. All remaining BidBuddies on other auctions for the same item will be automatically cancelled at the time of your win.

In case you need a bit of a simple explanation, that means that you could conceivably win TONS of auctions per week, if there were enough auctions that you were interested in that were for different items, that is. Want to win 2 iPads or 2 Xboxes in a week? Well, you’re out of luck there, however if you want to win a few different items every single day for a week you can definitely do that. Every week your winning limit will reset and you will be able to win more of the same items that you won the previous week.

Please keep these new wining limits in mind, because once you have won a particular item your other BidBuddies that you have set for identical items will be cancelled and your bids that were remaining in your BidBuddies will be returned to your account. This could become a bad situation for you if you are bidding on two identical items simultaneously, and have invested bids into both auctions. If you happen to win the first auction the BidBuddy for the second auction would immediately be cancelled. The remaining bids that were in your BidBuddy would be returned to your account, however all of the bids that you had already spent in that second auction would not be returned. So my advice to you would be to only bid on one similar auction at a time. Better safe than sorry.

This blog and it’s comments are monitored by the DealDash Community Manager, so if you have any questions about the new policy that this blog has not answered please feel free to leave a question in the comments section. I am a big fan of this new policy, I hope that you feel the same! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!