DealDash Wants You to Save Money

DealDash know that life can be expensive. That’s why they strive to save you money at every turn.

Saving money is something that most people think about regularly, budgeting and planning for life’s different events can be a little difficult sometimes. DealDash understands your frustrations and actively participates in your goals to save by bringing you quality products that can literally be won with 1 bid and 1 penny. I have won countless (OK, maybe not countless, I can definitely count to 50!) auctions with a single bid. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement that is felt when you win an auction with 1 bid that you would have otherwise spent $20-$25 or even more on at the store.

Every time you bid on any of the auctions on DealDash you have a chance of getting a great discounted price, and occasionally a practically free item. However, even if you don’t win them you are still earning clock time towards free bids that you get to keep even if you end up BINning (Buy It Now) and getting all of your bids back. So you can see, DealDash wants you to be able to earn clock time towards free bids that can be used on any auction that you like, even on the special days where there is a 50% or 100% off the final auction fee days. Remember, if you don’t win you can always BIN (Buy It Now and get all of your bids back.)

I like to use DealDash to get great deals on items that I would normally be buying anyway, so if I end up BINning the item I am not actually spending more than my regular budget. I love DealDash because I can have some fun by bidding and winning, but also by being responsible and sticking to my budget by using the BIN feature.

After reading this article I hope that you have a great feeling about your budget and saving money. How about checking out some auctions DealDash and throwing in a few bids here and there? You never know what you might win with just a few bids. There are all types of items in many different categories that are just waiting for you to go bid on them. Go find some awesome products. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!