Fun Times on DealDash

  Going on DealDash and seeing all of the auctions is one of the best parts of my day. DealDash is fun to visit even if you aren’t planning on bidding.

One of the most fun things on DealDash that doesn’t include bidding and winning is looking at the list of winners! I could spend hours just scrolling down the list of winners. I love seeing what everyone has won, how much the final auction value was, and what time of day they won. It’s amazing some of the deals that people get everyday on DealDash.

It may just sound like an idle hobby of mine, but it’s just undercover research disguised as fun!  If you pay attention to what type of products that people are winning, what time of day, and what the final price of the auction is then it will help you in the future. For example, if you are a regular “watcher” of the Winner’s Tab on DealDash, and you notice that baby products always seem to be a steal at under $1 final auction value on Tuesdays, well it would just be smart thinking to wait until the following Tuesday to see if the baby products are going for a song. If they are going fast and cheap, well get in there and bid!



Another fun thing that DealDash provides for us is DealDash’s various social media accounts. DealDash is on all of the most common social media platforms; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. Not only can you enjoy great content such as seeing who won the photo of the week contest, you can even nab some free bids for yourself.

You can earn free bids by posting pictures to different the social media outlets. Getting free bids from DealDash’s social media accounts is easy! If you’re interested in learning about all of the different ways that you can earn free bids from DealDash by posting to social media just check out this link – On Social Media? Get FREE Bids With DealDash.

I hope that this article gave you some ideas about how to have more fun with our favorite website, DealDash! If you’re interested in reading some tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. DealDash wants everyone to win big. Do your research and you will be winning in no time. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!