DealDashing Around the House for Basic Supplies

 DealDash.comEveryone needs basic supplies in their home – toilet paper, tissues, dish soap, etc. Why not get them at DealDash?

Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper Double Rolls

One of the most important thing to have stocked up in your pantry is something 99.9% of people use every day – toilet paper! I know that some people buy it as it runs out, but it’s really so much more cost effective to buy (or win!) in bulk. Also, just about everyone knows that sinking feeling when you have run out of toilet paper and really need some badly. Why use rough scratchy napkins or paper towels until you can get to the store? Just get it in bulk and be prepared! DealDash often has auctions for toilet paper. Some of the auctions have ended for an extremely low price – Take this 24 double-roll pack of toilet paper, which is frequently up for auction. It’s sold for a final auction value as low as .89! Now that’s savings!

Seventh Generation Facial Tissues, Unscented, 2 Ply, 85 tissues

Another great item to stock your pantry with is tissues. Almost everyone uses tissues, and if you have kids you probably go through a box every week or so. DealDash has tissues up for bid pretty frequently, almost always in bulk. These particular tissues have gone for as little as ONE penny!

Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap Dishwashing Liquid

The last item that I think you should stock up on is dish soap. No matter if you wash your dishes in the dishwasher or do them by hand, dish soap has an extremely long shelf life, and it just makes sense to stock up on dish soap at DealDash. This particular dish soap is frequently offered for bid on DealDash, and has sold for as little as .50.

I hope this article helps you on a journey to make some smart decisions on what to choose to bid on at DealDash. If you’re interested in getting some new items for your office or home office, head on over to DealDash. If you browse the Home & Office  category I’m sure that you’ll find something that you just love. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!