Does DealDash Differ?

DealDashIf you’ve bid on other sites, you know DealDash is different. Here are some ways that DealDash is amazing.

Customer Service is Top Notch

I have been bidding on DealDash for years, and I have had very few problems. However, no website is perfect, so I have occasionally had to email customer service for one thing or another. For example, once I had an item arrived damaged. I’m not sure if it had been damaged in transit or what, but regardless, it wasn’t in “100% new and factory-fresh” condition, so I emailed customer service. They emailed me back within just a few hours and arranged an exchange for me. There was no fuss, no hassle, and no pressure.

DealDash Won’t Telemarket You

Speaking of pressure, there is another entertainment bidding site out there that relies on high-pressure sales techniques for their bids. I had signed up for them around the time that I had signed up for DealDash, to see which site I liked better. Well, this other site included a space for a phone number that was required, so I put it in. They called me within moments of me signing up and tried to pressure me into buying $1,000 worth of bids on the spot. When I said “No thanks, I’m not sure if I’ll like your site or not.” they kept trying to convince me. It was like a telemarketing call, it was awful. I ended up hanging up on him.

DealDash would never do that. As I’ve said before, I’ve been with them for years, and the only time that they have ever called me was for a survey, and they emailed me first to ask if they could call me. And when I was on that phone call with DealDash there was absolutely zero talk about trying to get me to buy bids, it was just a customer satisfaction survey which I was happy to participate in.

Free Shipping for WINs and BINs

Unlike those other bidding sites, DealDash offers FREE shipping on every single item, no matter how big or how small. That is one of the reasons that I originally thought that DealDash was much better than some of the other bidding sites. Other entertainment shopping websites offer free shipping on just gift cards, or small items and have excessive “handling charges” on other items.

Did you know that some of the other sites even charge to ship gift cards? To ship a single gift card with a receipt in an envelope should cost 1 stamp. If you take into account the company’s cost of paper, envelope, and stamp I could agree with them charging around a dollar to ship a gift card. However, some sites are charging upwards of $2 to ship a single gift card, which is at least double, if not more, than it actually costs them. That seems completely unfair to me.

Didn’t WIN? Then BIN!

Speaking of unfair, how unfair is it to spend your bids in an auction and have no way to get them back if you lose? There will be plenty of times that you don’t win the auction. Personally, I win about 1 in 10 of the auctions that I seriously participate in. I’m fine with those odds, because I know that I can get all of my bids back by buy Buying It Now (BIN) if I don’t win. After you pay for a BIN, DealDash will refund all of the bids that you spent on the auction. You can use them again right away or save them, depending on how you’re feeling that day.

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