Don’t Make This Bidding Mistake

Help yourself win more auctions and save money by taking a few minutest to read through this article.

I have been playing on DealDash for over 2 years and have won hundreds of auctions. Every day I see people lose auctions because of the one simple bidding mistake and today I want to try and help you avoid this.

DealDash has a feature called Bid Buddy which basically will do the bidding for you. All you have to do is enter the number of bids you want to use in the auction and click Book Bid Buddy. You can cancel at anytime and any unused bids will be returned back to your account – win or lose. Using the Bid Buddy will help you save more bids because it will only bid for you when there are no single bids being placed and during the last second of the auction clock. I use this to my advantage every time I bid on DealDash.

Here’s an example!

I was really interested in winning this train table for my son (pictured below). One of the other bidders helped me do just that because they were making this crucial bidding mistake.

I can tell who is using their Bid Buddy and who is not. The people who are using Bid Buddy are bidding smart because they are conserving their bids and therefore more intimidating then the bid jumpers who single bid using the Bid Now button immediately after someone else bids.

I was watching this train table auction every minute and once the auction hit $5.00 (the No Jumper limit) there were only two people remaining who were using their Bid Buddy. I waited for the right time to enter the auction and booked my BidBuddy. Sure enough there was a new person that entered in as well, however this new person was making a bidding mistake which would later cause them to lose the auction.

They were going to lose because they were outbidding every other bidder until the price reached $8! I calculated they wasted approximately 150 bids because they were single bidding and not using the Bid Buddy. Due to this persons fast single bidding I was able to save my bids even longer and wait until one of the two on Bid Buddy left the auction before joining again.

In the end I spent a total of 55 bids (at 15¢ per bid = $8.25) and won the auction with a final sales price of $8.31. Although this was a great strategic win for me, I do feel a bit sorry for the others who were bid stomping away with single bids while I had my Bid Buddy booked. Why weren’t they using the Bid Buddy?

As for the bid jumper who was bidding every other bid from $5 to $8, they used approximately 150 bids which would cost $22.50 at 15¢ per bid. Of course they had the option to Buy it Now and get their 150 bids back however if they would have put their 150 bids into the Bid Buddy they would have out bid me for sure!

To make a long story short – use your Bid Buddy to help you win auctions on

I’m sure there’s going to be other people making this same bidding mistake. Fortunately for us, we know this secret to conserving our bids which will help us win on DealDash.

Good luck and happy bidding!

KidKraft Ride Around Town Train Set with Table

KidKraft Ride Around Town Train Set with Table