Free Shipping, Delivery

One thing I have always greatly appreciated about is its free, fast and dependable shipping and delivery services.

Having orders delivered right to my front door is very convenient. It saves time and money. Otherwise, it would cost me time and gas to drive to a store.

In the past eight years, DealDash has grown from a small to a rather large company.  In spite of the fact that the DealDash support team now handles a much larger number of customers, auction wins and orders than ever before, I have complete faith and trust in the fairness and honesty of this company.


Since I have been a DealDash customer, I won more than 700 auctions and all of my orders have arrived in excellent condition. Considering the large number of items sent, I think that is an outstanding record.  Don’t you?

If anything were to go wrong with my orders, I know the DealDash support team will fix it to my complete satisfaction. Three times they offered me a similar substitute item and it was always of equal or greater value.

Therefore, I never worry about the quality of the products I win or whether or not shipment and delivery will be made in a timely manner.  Many times I receive my orders sooner than I expect, but if shipment is delayed (especially with handmade items), they always let me know. Best of all, DealDash now provides tracking numbers so it is easy to know exactly when to expect delivery.

Thank you, DealDash for your free shipping and superb delivery services!


Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers