Is DealDash For Real?

Is for real?  This is the first question many people ask when they first hear about this awesome online penny auction site.

As someone who has been a long-time customer, I can answer this question: “Yes, DealDash is definitely for real!” Not only that, but I believe it is the best penny auction shopping site online. Other shopping sites have adopted some similar features, but DealDash is not like most penny auction sites.  It stands alone and above others.


Some of the features that make DealDash unique are:

  • DealDash always ships free, regardless of the size of the auction items.
  • DealDash offers a generous 100 percent money-back guarantee on your first bid pack purchase. If you are a first-time player and you do not win anything with their first bid pack, all you have to do is email [email protected] and request that your entire bid pack be credited back to your account, no questions asked. I do not know of any other penny auction shopping site that gives new customers a free second chance.
  • DealDash has one of the best “Buy-It-Now” options. A few other sites offer a Buy-It-Now option, but only give you a few hours to use it. That means you could easily miss such a tight time restraint and not even get a chance to use it. However, DealDash gives you a full seven days to use the BIN option.
  • DealDash offers a wide variety of unique products that you might not see on other shopping sites.

These are just some of the main differences between DealDash and other shopping sites. It is also why DealDash has a reputation of being a “fair and honest” shopping site.


Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers