How Proctor-Silex Products Protect Our Children

One of the nicest things about being a DealDash customer is having the ability to learn about products from quality manufacturers.  The products available on the auction site allows the consumer to learn more about items than you would normally find if shopping in a store.

The brand Proctor-Silex is owned by Hamilton Beach Brands. They are the #1 distributor of small kitchen appliances in the United States, selling over 35 million appliances per year. Wow – that’s almost 100,000 appliances per day!

The Proctor-Silex four-slice Cool Touch toaster was a product that I was not familiar with at all.  I know I used a Proctor-Silex iron for more years than I would like to say, but I can also say I never had a problem with the iron and never needed to replace it. But, the cool-touch toaster was a new phenomenon for me and I wanted to learn more about it.


As my family continues to expand, my son married this past year and he has 3 step-children all under the age of 7. As they set up house keeping one of his first comments was “with three kids at the breakfast table we really need a 4-slice toaster”. The two-slice toaster they had just did not meet the needs of the family.

One day I noticed on DealDash they had set auctions on a four-slice Proctor-Silex “Cool Touch” toaster. I did my research and found that the cool touch product was specifically designed for those who had small children or who would find it necessary to move the toaster from one area of the counter to another while making breakfast. Children would not get burned if they were able to reach and touch the sides of the toaster, and for child safety purposes this is a great concept.

How often have you reached around the toaster when you were in the kitchen and just happened to brush up against the hot side? This can be startling to a small child and worrisome for the parent. With the cool-touch exterior Proctor Silex takes all of the concern away from a child being burned near the toaster or an adult having to move the toaster once the toast was finished.

I was able to purchase this toaster on DealDash using the Buy it Now option and received all of my bids back for free! I was able to give the new toaster to my son and his family and it was greatly appreciated. DealDash has some of the best products available and new items all of the time. It’s a great place to shop to discover items certain brands carry like the Proctor Silex Cool-Touch 4 Slice Toaster.