Learning the Ropes on DealDash

Learning the ropes at DealDash is very easy when you have the help of all of the handy information that is spread across the site.

When you’re new at something it can be really confusing, and sometimes it can make people frustrated. DealDash realizes this, and has tried to make things clear and easy to understand by making tons of information available to anyone who cares to read it. Let’s look at the different ways that you can gather information to learn more about DealDash.

First, you should definitely check out the site itself. DealDash has a “Tips and Tricks” section that you can see right at the top of the page when you visit DealDash. Once you click on the link (which is right here by the way,) it will take you to a list of different handy tips about subjects such as booking a BidBuddy, Buying It Now, checking out the winners, and more. Also, if you look back at the top of the page there is another link that you can click on (right here) called “Help”. If you click on the help link it will take you to a section that explains things such as bidding, shipping, and how to pay for your auctions.

Another way to gather more information about DealDash is right here on the official DealDash Blog! There are at least 3 different blog articles posted here weekly with information about bidding, winning, DealDash itself, and more. Some of you might be interested in the articles for Newbies, but others might be interested in the handy facts and information about changes to the site that are posted here. This blog is really a mixed bag of information, so it’s a good idea to check back frequently to see if there are any changes and updates to DealDash that you should be aware of, such as the recent changes to weekly winning limits.

DealDash has another blog called DealDash Reviewed that you can find at this link right here that is more of a “lifestyle blog” with articles on featured brands, product reviews, current events, and a lot of fun stuff in between. There is a new blog posted here daily, and it is really a mixed bag of DealDash-centric articles and general fun facts, information, and ideas for projects. There is a third blog called DealDash Tips that can be found right here that has some great articles on strategies and other helpful DealDash advice.

Lastly, another great place to gather information on DealDash is FaceBook! DealDash has their own Facebook page which is located at this link right here where you will find up to the minute breaking DealDash news, photos from winners and their prizes, and much more! Additionally on Facebook there is a page called DealDash Secrets located here that will alert you to when there are new blogs posted as well as sometimes giving you a sneak peek into the cost of future bids. Both of these pages are worth “liking” so you can get all of the information that is out there regarding DealDash!


I hope that you have found this article helpful in learning the different ways that you can find information about DealDash. Now use your new information and go check out the auctions! See you on DealDash everyone! Good luck and happy bidding.