Life is Great With DealDash


DealDash might just be a shopping site, but it help me in numerous ways. Here are some ways that DealDash makes life great!

There are many categories of websites – news, social media, etc. and the category that DealDash falls into is shopping. You might not think that a shopping website could improve your life, but you might be surprised. Read on and see how DealDash makes my life great.

Helps Save Money

Having three kids can be a huge drain on your finances. However, with DealDash I am able to stretch out my money a little bit further each month. DealDash often offers things that my family uses and needs on a recurring basis such as kid’s toys, clothing for the family, camping and gardening equipment, and more.

Normally I would buy these things at the mall or a big box store, however, with DealDash I can take a chance and bid on these items, and possibly win them for a great deal. For example, just last week I bid on (and won) a new comforter for my bed. I had been planning on buying a new comforter anyway, so getting one from DealDash for less than $3 including bids was a huge win for my budget. Since I had been planning on buying a new one anyway, I can take that $100 and use it elsewhere in my budget.


By solely bid on things that I am actually prepared to BIN, I never lose money. I will either win and get a great deal or if I don’t win I can always pay the retail price and get all of my bids back to use again in a different auction.

Buying It Now – BIN it!

Do you know how to BIN an auction? Just go to your dashboard and you will see the “Open buy it now offers.” You will see the name of the product, how long you have left to BIN the auction, and how many bids you will receive back when you purchase the item.

Just like when you win an auction, click on the “Pay” button and you will be taken to the payment screen. You can choose to pay with credit, debit, or even Paypal, exactly the same as if you had won. Upon the completion of your payment, DealDash will refund all of the bids that you spent on the auction. You can use them again right away, or save them for another day.

DealDash Brings the Family Together

With two of my three kids at home all day long for the summer already, we need to find things that fill our day with activities. During the hours around lunchtime, it’s just too hot to go out on the deck or to play in the yard, so my 5-year-old and I like to browse on DealDash together. It fascinates her, and it’s always fun to search through all of the things that are available for bidding now or in the future. It’s also an excellent way to get ideas for birthday or Christmas presents, based on what she wants to search for when we are browsing. With my older child, DealDash is an excellent way to get math instruction in without it seeming like a chore.

With my older child, DealDash is an excellent way to get math instruction in without it seeming like a chore. He struggles a lot in school, and it’s a huge accomplishment for him when he is able to tell me how many bids that I can put in my BidBuddy for an item to reach the retail price. DealDash is learning and fun put together in one!


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