Never-Ever Played Deal Dash

You’ve seen the DealDash commercials, you’ve heard your friends talk about it and now it’s time you try it.  Well, it’s about time:)  You are in for a treat!  Shopping and bidding at Deal Dash is so much fun and very entertaining. The longer you’ve played, the better the experience becomes.  It’s fun right out of the gate, but wait….you will love it!

There are a few things the Never-Ever wants to know.  First, how much does it cost?  Your first bid pack of 60 bids is $36.  This amount will be refunded to you if you don’t like the Deal Dash experience or if you don’t win because the have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Deal Dash wants us to win and put in place great beginner auctions for the Newbie.  These auctions are presented on the main page and are usually easy to win. They are usually valued between $10-$200 and consists of items like $10 Burger King Card, Soccer Ball, BBQ Tools.

So, you bought your first bid pack, now you will be able to set up your profile and bid in auctions.  You will need to choose an Avatar and come up with a “bio” which is a comment of your choice placed under your Avatar. Once you’re a registered player the price of bids are usually on sale.  I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than .15 cents for bids, and Deal Dash is always offering some kind of sale that involves free bids or lower priced auctions.


Before you start bidding explore the site, get familiar with the features Deal Dash gives us to help us win; see the Winner’s List.  Check it to see if others are winning prizes for just a few pennies, that is a “trend” if everyone is winning at $5.00 that is a “trend”.

Shop first!  Go through the site, find items you would love to have.  Keep it simple in the beginning.  Stick to those prizes under $200, they are usually easier to win and if you don’t win you can BIN.

What is BIN? BIN is “Buying It Now”.  If you find you can’t win an item after trying and you’ve suddenly reached the value of the item in bids, it’s time to back out of the auction and BUY it, if you do that, Deal Dash will give you all the bids you used trying to win it back.  You get them right away, just select the “Buy It Now” tab in your Dashboard, or you can find one in the individual auction.  They make it very easy for us to understand.  If you have any problems contact Customer Service, they are phenomenal at Deal Dash, they are kind and quick to help.

Now, BID!! WooHoo! It’s fun and then you win, that’s even more fun!  Once you win an item go ahead and purchase it for the final sales price.  It’s yours even if it was a penny and it will be Shipped Free!  Make sure you do pick up your win before 14 days, they do expire.  If you win an item and don’t need it, you can exchange it for a value of bids determined in the shopping cart, simple select “pay now” and see the exchange rate, if you choose to exchange your win for bids, you will not be able to purchase it for your bids back.

These are the basic Never-Ever question for the first time Deal Dasher.  It’s simple fair and fun.  You will love DealDash! Enjoy, Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!