Win, BIN or Walk Away

We all go into an auction to win it, some people even say that in their comment, “In it to win it”, well ok we’re all are here to win.  The longer you shop and experience the fun of playing at DealDash, the better you will become at winning too, and maybe  knowing whenyou’re going to win.  Getting to know the competition is a great way to thwart  off the feeling that you will never win.  But it really isn’t essential to winning to know the other players.  The truth is, you will win, and win quite a bit.  You have to trust a few things.  First, no one player can win them all statistically.  So, by default, you will win some.  Secondly,  another factor can be timing.  If there are only a few players in the auction, your chances are better.  So try to bid when the site is slower than normal.  That is generally mid day and in the middle of the night.  (except Sat.).  Third, plan to BIN, when I plan to BIN I win!


If you do plan on buying the product, you will essentially stay within your comfort zone in bidding.  If you can’t buy the product, you should be willing to walk away. I’ll talk about “Binning” (Buy It Now) first.  Deal Dash has this wonderful feature whereby if you don’t win an item you’ve bid on, you can purchase the item and have those bids returned to your account.  When you plan on buying an item there is a simple calculation you can do to determine when to walk away and BIN instead.  Let’s say the item is valued at $42, and you really want it or need it, so you’re going to have it by the end of the day either way.  That’s called “shopping”.  haha

So you have found your $42 dollar item, divide the cost of the item by the price of bids and you are left with a number equal to the number of bids you will be returned when you then purchase it instead.  42/.15=280, so you purchase 280 bids, you place them all on the item you need and if a you win, great!  if you don’t by the time the 280 is gone, you now purchase that item, you now own it and you got your 280 bids back.  If you wait until 290 and then you win it, you’ve spent too much on the item and you don’t get your bids back, so do yourself a favor and BIN!

So I talked about winning and BINNING, but what about “walking away”, this one is harder and trickier than any other option. It’s hard to walk away after you’ve invested those 280 bids, especially if the auction is down to you and one or two others.  If you know the competition and you’re sure they just won’t take it all the way, it might be worth staying involved, but I’ve seen that rarely.  You are probably looking at someone who is planning on binning too, or maybe they are planning to win at all costs, that is the player we dread the most, they are out there and will use bids they have won to overbid.  Sure you can buy bids to over bid, but that is reckless and foolish.  It’s very easy to throw away an extra 500 bids if you won them for just a couple of dollars.  For that reason always check the winners list, I like to go back 12 hours, you can go back for 24.

Walking away is hard but necessary, and the more you do it the easier it becomes, maybe you lose a couple right after you walk away, but it YOU stayed in it would still be going on and on, it ended because someone had the guts to walk away.

Whether you WIN, BIN or WALK AWAY, playing and shopping at DealDash is an experience that will bring you joy and great deals because one thing is for sure, you will win over and over.  Just look at the winner’s list, it’s updated every minute.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!