Not Winning? Then You Better Be BINning!


We can’t win all of the auctions on DealDash every time. However, the BIN option is always there for you.

If you’re a frequent bidder on DealDash, then I’m sure that you’re familiar with the BIN (Buy It Now) option. However, if you’re a new player on DealDash, then you should quickly familiarize yourself with BIN, because it will save you money and bids on DealDash. Read on to learn more about Buying It Now (BIN) on DealDash.

What IS BIN?

BIN is the thing to do if you don’t win! If you don’t win the auction that you’re bidding on, that’s okay because you can still get all of your bids by buy Buying It Now (BIN). You can BIN any auction that you have bid on, even if you only put in a few bids or have bid way more bids than you should have. If you want to find your open BIN offers, open your dashboard. You will see the “Open buy it now offers.” You will see the name of the product, how long you have left to BIN the auction, and how many bids you will receive back when you purchase the item.

It’s easy to pay. You have a choice if you’d like to pay with credit, debit, or even Paypal, exactly the same as if you had won. Upon the completion of your payment, DealDash will refund all of the bids that you spent on the auction. You can use them again right away, or save them for another day.

Calculate the BIN Price

You might be wondering how you know when to stop bidding and BIN the auction. No problem! It just takes a tiny bit of math to figure it out. Just take the retail price of the auction that’s listed on every auction page, and divide it by the price you paid for your bids. This price could be anywhere between .12 and .60, depending on how much you paid. This will give you the exact number of bids that you need to reach the retail price of the item. Keep in mind, though, that you will also need to pay the final auction fee if you win. Sometimes DealDash offers half-off or even free auction wins. Keep an eye on the banner on the main DealDash page for the details.



Shipping and Tracking

No matter if you’re winning or BInning, DealDash offers free shipping on all items on the site. This includes the smallest jewelry items to the biggest furniture items. They all have free shipping and handling. Isn’t that awesome?! Every item will arrive brand new, in the original box, and covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

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It’s time to WIN and BIN! DealDash has some awesome products up today! Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Always BIN WIN DealDash

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