Prevent Holiday Gift Shopping Anxiety

You Better Watch out, You Better Not Cry, You Better Not Pout, I’m telling you why….. there’s still time to prevent holiday gift shopping anxiety and DealDash is here to HELP!

Let’s face it, holiday gift shopping anxiety is real and can hamper the joy and cheer of the season if not nipped in the bud! After all, Christmas is only 2 months away and time keeps on slipping..slipping..slipping..into the futurefor a better experience click on the link and listen to music video while you keep on reading this blog post. 

This time of year is always a crazy time of year, most folks wait until November before they even start to think about holiday gift shopping, which can cause many people including myself a downer case of holiday gift shopping anxiety. For a long time I also always waited until November to start planning my Christmas shopping. Due to this I found myself always feeling the holiday gift shopping anxiety and stressed because of time constraints, traffic, packed shopping malls, etc. Then I found DealDash! A place where I can have fun while I shop from home for a chance to get good deals and gifts for my family and friends.

Last year, I did all of my Christmas shopping by the middle of November which I thought was pretty good and so far this year I have already completed almost all of my shopping. Thanks to my holiday gift shopping anxiety is lower than ever and pretty much non-existent. My Christmas gift stash is growing so fast, I am practically running out of room. My fiance said “you’re going to need a storage room to store all of your DealDash winnings, we’re running out of space” LOL!

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I’m so excited this year to give my little guy this new Imaginext Rescue City Center by Fisher Price. I won this for him on DealDash for just 89 cents and used only 25 bids! Talk about a great deal which takes some of the holiday gift shopping anxiety away. I know he is going to love this when he gets to open it on Christmas morning.

Imaginext Rescue City Center by Fisher Price
Won on DealDash for just $0.89 and 25 Bids – Click to view auction

DealDash has gifts for all ages, young and old, boys or girls. To quickly and easily find what you’re looking for I recommend using the filter options to browse different categories and use the search functionality to get more specific. Try searching an auction now!

Browse and Search DealDash Auctions

You’ll be happy to know that on DealDash you can score some really good deals and save big when you win an auction, just as I did on the Imaginext Rescue City Center. Remember if you don’t win the auction you can just buy it at retail price and DealDash will ship your item for free! They’ll even give you back all the bids you used in the auction so you can try again for something else. The Buy it Now option is really a win-win-win. Here’s how:

  1. You got the item you wanted
  2. You got free shipping
  3. You have a new gift to give for the holidays
  4. You get to check an item off your holiday shopping list
  5. You avoided the holiday shopping crowds
  6. You helped yourself avoid unnecessary holiday gift shopping anxiety
  7. You got your bids back to try for something else
  8. You don’t need to buy more bids in order to keep playing

If you are going to buy more bids, I recommend waiting until DealDash has them on sale for 15¢. For example today you can get bids for just 15¢ because of the Columbus Day Weekend Sale so now would be a good time to stock up!

DealDash Bid Sale

So why wait until the last-minute to do your holiday shopping and generate holiday gift shopping anxiety? If you want to get a good deal, the time is now! You can get ahead of the game this year and score some great deals on DealDash before the holiday rush starts. By starting now, I’m sure you will have a much better time leading up to the big day and not be as stressed out by all of the last-minute to-do’s.

Wouldn’t you rather lay your head down at night knowing your holiday shopping is all set and think about how excited your family will be when they get their gifts instead of worrying about what are you going to get them? Enjoy your pre-holiday shopping season and avoid the holiday gift shopping anxiety.

By loveablenicki

I’ve been shopping on DealDash for two years and continue to love it.