The Smartest Bidding Tip For The Best Experience

Being prepared to use the Buy It Now option is one of the smartest ways to do your online shopping on DealDash.

So often I find my self asking if I have bid too much or if I should just go ahead and buy the item I’m bidding on to get all of my bids back. But when is the smartest time to do this?

When determining when to Buy it Now or keep bidding, you have to take into account how much the bids are costing when you buy them. 19 cents, 18 cents, 15 cents? I’m going to use 15 cents for this example just to make it easy math.

Let’s say your biding on a $10 gift card and you bid 20 times, you have already spent $3.00.

20 x .15 = 3

By the time you have bid 20 times, often the auction price is up to at least $1.00 taking into account the other bids people have placed. I am all about saving but at this point it may not look as if I am going to win the auction so I have to make a choice.

A.) If I win now, I’ll only save $6. Are the potential savings worth it?

B.) Should I buy the $10 gift card and get back my 20 bids to put somewhere else?

There was one time I threw a large amount of bids on a vacuum cleaner. My vacuum had recently broke so I needed to buy a new vacuum cleaner anyway. I bought a 200 bids pack during a 15¢ sale and was able to level up during the auction where I earned an additional 150 free bids. At this point I had 350 bids to use towards trying to win this auction. I told my self “win or not, this was going to be my next vacuum”. So I started bidding and bidding and on this occasion I did not win.

I did however use the buy it now option so I could have the vacuum I wanted plus I got back all the bids I used in that auction. The vacuum was only valued at $100 so the price did not kill me. I then took my 350 bids and ended up winning over $300 in merchandise!! Being prepared and using the buy it now option is the smartest way to bid and to truly enjoy the fun shopping experience DealDash has to offer.

DealDash is an awesome way to do your shopping – not only during the holidays but all year-long!

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By Nicole Kososki 😛