The Unexpected Win

Being an active bidder, I am usually watching to see what auctions I would like to bid on. Then I determine how much I am willing to spend and how high I will go on any given auction. Having won many auctions I can still be surprised with a unexpected win.

I had been bidding on a $10 gift card that when it got down to two bidders, then more bidders would jump in. I was about done trying to win the card and had set my bid buddy for the bids I was willing to use to “win” the auction. I decided to browse the auctions that were running at the same time, (I always keep the isolated auction up on my computer when I have the bid buddy set) to see if there was another item or auction I would like to try. I found there was one item I would have liked. It was a Pulse Massager. I thought, what the heck, I will put some bids on it and see if I can win. Imagine my surprise when after only two bids I won! Congratulations! Fireworks! (I love those!) And the price was really reasonable too.

That’s one of the reasons shopping and bidding on DealDash can be so much fun. You just never know when someone else is going to quit bidding and you are the winner! Customer service is excellent, the buy it now feature is awesome, and the free (fast) shipping can’t be beat.

Thanks for having such a fun and fair bidding site!

By Joan Vith