Social Media = Free Bids for You!

I’m sure by now most of you know about getting FREE bids from posting your wins on social media, but for the newbies I will give you all a quick lesson.

If you’re a Facebook user you should definitely head on over to the DealDash page which is here, and “Like”  it so you can see all of the great posts as well as being able to post your own pictures and videos to get free bids every week. DealDash provides the instructions on how to get free bids from Facebook:

“Submit a picture to our Facebook page following these guidelines and you’ll get up to 200 free bids plus be entered to win a 1,000 Bid Pack! Every Monday, DealDash will select the best picture of the previous week and award a 1,000 Bid Pack to the winner. The best picture will naturally be shared to the all the Facebook fans of DealDash. Photos of items valued under $99 are excluded from this weekly contest.”

Follow these steps to get your free bids:

1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.
2. Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.
3. Post photo to DealDash’s Facebook page and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $688 Garmin GPS on @DealDash. I paid just $6.08 and used 62 bids! Thanks DealDash, I will never get lost again!”
4. In the end of the caption, please include the following sentence and the link (See the picture below):
See how much you can save at:

And here are the guidelines:

– Picture should be bright, clear and easy to see
– Clearly displays the item won DealDash
– Picture must feature yourself (alone or with others)

– Item must be out of the box and in use.
– New photo and item (Never posted before)
– Posted from DealDash account holders own Facebook account
– Facebook photo must be posted along with a caption (See the example above)
No BidPacks

If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!

If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!

If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!

You can see all of these instructions and guidelines on the DealDash Facebook page here.

While you’re over on Facebook you should also check out DealDash Secrets here, and “Like” it so you can see the updates. The great thing about the DealDash Secrets page on Facebook is they usually tell you what price the bids are going to be the following day. SO if you are in the market to buy a big bid pack and they are selling for .14 per bid today, but .12 per bid the following day it would be smart to wait! DealDash Secrets is also the place where you can see if there are any special events going on such as the Halloween sale with free auction wins this past weekend.

You can also get free bids by posting photos on Twitter. First, go follow DealDash on Twitter here. Then after you have received an auction win you can get free bids by just taking a photo of yourself holding the item and posting the picture on Twitter with a quick message such as “I got this -name of item won here- @DealDash for -number of bids used- bids & $ -final auction price-. I love it! #DealDash also gives #FREE shipping!”

I hope this helped some of you newer DealDashers! If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!