Special Features on DealDash

What Special Feature do you love most on DealDash.com?

I love all of the Special Features on DealDash because it prevents this online shopping site from ever being boring.

Some of the various features DealDash offers at different times are:

  • Free-to-the-winner auctions–This means the winner receives this auction item free of charge, except for a one penny transaction fee and the cost of the bids used to win the auction. DealDash pays 100 percent of the closing cost.
  • Fifty-percent off auctions–This means the winner of the auction only pays half of the closing cost and DealDash pays the other half.
  • No more new bidders allowed after the auction reaches $3–This means that if you do not place at least one bid before the auction reaches $3 you will be locked out of that auction. This limits the number of players competing for the same product, usually making the chance of winning much easier.
  • The 2X and 3X feature–This means customers get twice as much or three times as much time on the clock, making the green line on your screen move more quickly. Therefore, you will win your package of free bids that much faster.
  • Bid package sales—Customers have the opportunity to purchase bid packages for as little as 12 cents per bid, instead of paying the full price of 60 cents a bid.


In the past, DealDash offered other fun special features as well. A few of the fun features DealDash offered in the past were:

  • Winners not only got one, but two (one for the bidder and one for the bidder’s mom, sister or wife as a Mother’s Day special).
  • Bidders placed bids on a “Mystery Egg”(not having any idea what was behind the egg). When the Easter Special auction closed, the mystery item behind the egg was revealed and that’s what the winner received. This could work for Valentines with a “Mystery Valentine” or St. Patrick’s Day with a “Mystery Shamrock” or for Thanksgiving Day with a “Mystery Turkey.” It reminded me of “grab bags” in the old days when I paid 25 cents for a bag without knowing what was inside. What a fun feature!

The important thing is that DealDash special features gives customers a special deal and keeps the game interesting and fun.

Submitted by:  Barbara L. Sellers