Step-by-Step DealDash Tutorial Instructions

DealDashIt’s DealDash tutorial time, ya’ll! If you haven’t taken the tutorial, it’s time!

You can take the DealDash tutorial at any time, you don’t have to be a “brand newbie.” Heck, I didn’t take the tutorial until I had been bidding on DealDash for 2 years or so. DealDash has made the process of learning how to use the site so much easier and more fun with the tutorial. You can see how the auctions work before you try to jump in yourself. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use the DealDash tutorial.

Where is the Tutorial?

The tutorial is located in the in the “Help” section on the site. There are lots of helpful things there, but the tutorial is what we are concentrating on today. Look at the picture below, and you will see a message welcoming you to DealDash.

DealDash Tutorial

Learn How to Bid

You can use the tutorial to win a bid pack of 10 bids. You will see that your bids are being used to participate in this tutorial, but DealDash will return them to you after the tutorial, and you will get to keep the bid pack of 10 bids that you will win playing against the computer as well. Like I said, you can take the tutorial at any time, so if you’re low on bids and haven’t taken the tutorial you should do so to get your 10 free bids.

What Does the Tutorial Do?

The tutorial is like a game against the computer. You will see other people participating in the pretend auction, but these aren’t actually real people. They are just there to show you how other people might act when you are playing against humans. The first thing that the tutorial shows you how to do is bid by placing single bids with the “Bid Now” button.

DealDash Tutorial

The Tutorial Teaches You About BidBuddy

This tutorial will also teach you how to use BidBuddy. The BidBuddy is used more often when bidding in auctions than placing single bids, so it’s a good thing to familiarize yourself with. The tutorial can help you do that.

DealDash Tutorial

After Winning…

After you win the auction in the tutorial you will get a glimpse of what happens when you win a real auction. The first time I won a real auction I was a little confused as to why there were fireworks on my screen. The tutorial will show you exactly what to look for.

DealDash Tutorial

BIN it…

One important thing on DealDash that the tutorial doesn’t show you is how to do a BIN (Buy It Now). This is an important thing to know because if you don’t win the item you’re bidding on you can buy it at retail price and get back all of your bids.

When you BIN the item for the retail price you get every single one of the bids back that you placed, as well as getting free shipping. When you don’t win an auction it just makes sense to do a BIN and receive your bids back. You are the “winner” of the auction in the tutorial, so that’s why it doesn’t show you how to BIN.

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