Happy Thanksgiving Eve 2017 from DealDash


Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! Today’s blog is to remind everyone to be thankful. Read on for more from DealDash.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we all have so many things to be thankful for – family, friends, pets, nature, and so many more things. However, sometimes it’s easy to take some of these things for granted. Let’s try to think about a few of the many things that we should be thankful for this holiday season.


Everyone has a family – even if they are the kind of family that you have created for yourself and aren’t actually blood-related. A family is a wonderful thing, they love you and accept you for who you are. They are the people that you love and think about and miss when you aren’t around them.

If you’re thinking about getting some of your family some gifts this year, then you’ll want to see what DealDash has to offer. Of course, you could venture out into the cold and go shopping on Black Friday, however, opening up your computer or phone and bidding on DealDash to win your family some presents is ever so much more comfortable. Not only that, why would you want to abandon Thanksgiving dinner to go camp out in front of a store?


Friends are a lot like family, they say that friends are the family that you choose for yourself. Some people who aren’t able to spend Thanksgiving with their families choose to spend it with their friends instead. This practice has garnered the fun name of “Friendsgiving” in some circles.

Getting your friend a present or two this season is a great idea to show them how much you have been thinking about them. Don’t get them another “Doorbuster” from the local big box store, get them something from DealDash instead!


Some people consider pets their family. No matter if you think they are family or just a cute furry animal that you share a home with, they are definitely something to be thankful for. Your pet is there for you when no one else is, they are always happy to see you, no matter how long you’ve been gone. They love to cuddle and snuggle, and are always up for some playtime.

Say “Thank you” to your pet by getting them a present from DealDash. DealDash has many pet auctions with items for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and fish. DealDash has a great selection for all of your furry, finned, and feathered friends.


Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The air is crisp and cool, the leaves are turning amazing colors, and it’s the perfect time to take a walk or a hike on a nice Saturday afternoon. Even if your family, friends, and pets are getting on your bad side, nature will always be there, beautiful and just waiting to be enjoyed.


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I hope that this article on being thankful and getting presents for your family, friends, and pets on DealDash was helpful. DealDash has everything that you need to make your loved ones smile. Go check out the site and bid on some great items. There are so many things to choose from. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!



This sponsored blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

Let’s Invite Family and Friends to DealDash


Loving DealDash is great, why not share it with a friend? You can share in many ways! Read on for more information from DealDash.

If you love DealDash enough to be reading the DealDash Blog, then shouldn’t you share with your friends and family? There are so many things to see and do and learn about when you use DealDash. Since you are spending so much time on DealDash, why not let your friends and family in on the secret of the best bidding site around?

Why Should Your Friends Join DealDash?

There are quite a few valid reasons why your friends and family might want to join DealDash. Obviously, the best reason for your friends and family to try DealDash is the fact that you enjoy it so much! However, there are so many other reasons.

Learn About New Trends

DealDash is a hotbed of activity, and if they want to know what is trendy and popular, then you’ll want to send them to DealDash. There are many different categories on DealDash, and new and popular items are popping up every day. Some examples include:

  • New hair products – digital flatirons
  • Hot Fashion – new moto jackets just arrived!
  • Jewelry – white gold is white hot on DealDash

They Can Save Money

Most families buy their household supplies, garden items, kid’s toys, and beauty items at the mall or a big box store. Wouldn’t you love to be able to tell them that they can stay home and shop, and even save money while doing it? It’s so helpful to be able to save money on everyday purchases that they were going to make anyway. Save your family and friends some money when you introduce them to DealDash.

Tell them the Great News About BidBuddy

You can also let them know that they won’t be alone when they’re bidding in the auctions. No, you won’t be participating with them – that’s against DealDash rules! However, they will have a buddy with them – the BidBuddy, of course! You can tell your friends that the BidBuddy is available to every bidder, free of charge, on every auction that they participate in. They won’t need to download anything extra or purchase anything special to use the BidBuddy.

Simply tell them how easy the BidBuddy is to use. After opening up an auction that interests them, in the middle of the screen, they will see a space and a button that says “Book a Bid Buddy”. Tell them to click on the space that says “add bids here” and put in the number of bids that they are willing to spend on this particular DealDash auction. Then hit enter.

Here’s How You Can Share with Friends

You might be wondering how you can go about sharing DealDash with a friend. There are lots of ways, even if they don’t live near you. All you need is a computer to let them in on the wonderful world of DealDash. Here are some of the ways:

  • Go to DealDash.com!
  • Share the DealDash page on your FaceBook account. The DealDash FaceBook page is located right here. 
  • Tweet about DealDash to your followers at this link right here.

Thanks for Reading the DealDash Blog

I hope this article on inviting your family and friends to join DealDash has been helpful. If they are excited about DealDash and want to join, please also tell them about the blog! We always try to help the bidders and give out information that we find helpful. Have a great time on DealDash, and happy Bidding, everyone!

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This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus. Dawn was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.

Halloween Safety Tips from DealDash

DealDashWith Halloween just a week and a few days away it’s time to think about safety tips. Here safety tips you need to know, from DealDash.

Sure, you can get a great bargain on DealDash, but do you know what else you can get? Tips, tricks, and advice about a multitude of things. Today we are going to be talking about Halloween safety tips. These are very important tips, because with all of the children out on Halloween night it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful. Here are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind about Halloween safety, from DealDash.

Costume Safety

There are few things more important than costume safety. Costume safety can mean the difference between a car being able to see your child at night or not. Be sure that your child’s costume is a good fit, and they are able to see out of the eyes and hear if they have a mask covering their ears.

I know that Halloween is a spooky time where many of the costumes are black, but please make sure that the costume isn’t completely black – and if it is, add a reflective strip so that cars will be able to see your child in the dark.

Stranger Safety

Halloween is one of the few times of the year when children are encouraged to knock on stranger’s doors and speak to them. Children who wouldn’t normally speak to a stranger have no qualms about doing it on Halloween to get candy. If your children are young enough that you want to accompany them to every house, then it’s no problem.

However, if you have a child that’s a bit older who wants to go with their friends instead of mom, dad, or the grandparents then encourage them to use caution. Try to get them to agree to only go to neighbor’s houses that you know. If that isn’t possible, then ask them to send you a quick “check-in” text after every 20 houses. It might not be a “cool” thing to do in front of their friends, but their safety is paramount.

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Safety on DealDash

Speaking of safety, did you know that DealDash has it’s very own safety net built in for bidders? It’s true. It’s called BIN or Buy It Now, and it will keep your bids safe in the event that you lose the auction.

When an auction ends the last person to bid is the winner of the auction. If you aren’t the winner of the auction and you have placed at least one bid you are eligible to BIN the auction. When you BIN the item for the retail price you get ALL of the bids back that you placed, as well as getting free shipping. Isn’t that a lovely safety net that DealDash has built into each and every auction?

Thanks for Reading the DealDash Blog

I hope this article on Halloween safety tips DealDash has been helpful for those of you with little ones that are going trick or treating this year. Children grow up so fast, it’s important to let them enjoy fun days like Halloween, but it’s important to be safe.

Would you like to learn more about DealDash? If you’d like to read more, you should definitely check out DealDash’s “Tips & Tricks” section on the official site. It’s full of interesting information to help you win on DealDash. Just click this link right here and you can check it out. Have a great time on DealDash, and happy Bidding, everyone!

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This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus. Dawn was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.

Time to Plan Your DealDash Halloween Party!

DealDashIf you’re going to have a Halloween party it’s time to start planning. Here are some tips from DealDash.

Are you a big fan of Halloween? Me too!! My kids are still rather small, though, one can barely walk. That’s not really a fun recipe for trick or treating. Until my kids are a little older it makes more sense for us to have a Halloween party at our house. Here are some suggestions to make your party a night of spooky fun, from DealDash.

Decide on the Food

Depending on the ages and stages of the kids that you’re inviting to the Halloween party you might not want to serve anything too messy. Ghost-shaped cookies, popcorn, and cupcakes with bat decorations on them could all be good choices for easy and not too messy party food. Just about anything can become Halloween party food if you stick a bat ring in it!

Fun with DealDash Home, Garden, Tools

Pumpkins are a must, they can be carved, left plain, or even drawn on with a black sharpie. There are many different ways to decorate pumpkins, and if you want them to last longer you will want to avoid carving them.


Next, check out the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash. If you’re looking for some spooky decorations, DealDash has some. Large blow-up lawn decorations are very popular, and DealDash has this adorable black cat archway that will signal to party guests that they have arrived at the correct party location.

Airblown Inflatables Black Cat Archway

Is your Yard Ready?


Other than Halloween decorations, you’ll want to make sure that your yard is in tip-top condition for your party. Have you raked all of the leaves and put them into lawn bags? Did you plant any fall flowers to make your yard look beautiful? If you haven’t already purchased any solar path lights, now might be the time. If you let them charge up all day on the day of your party, you can put a white napkin with a rubber band to hold them on, and some drawn on eyes, and you will have some eerie, glowing ghosts for your party. All of these items and more can be found in the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

I hope that this article on preparing for a Halloween party with DealDash was helpful. DealDash has everything that you need to throw a great spooky party. Go check out the site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!

RIP Tombstone Set Halloween Decoration


This sponsored blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

Are You Keeping DealDash All for Yourself?

DealDash greedy

Have you been keeping DealDash all to yourself? Why not share the fun of DealDash with a friend?

Don’t be a Greedy Gus! Share the fun and excitement of DealDash with a friend or family member. Of course, you can’t bid in the same auctions, but you can definitely watch and cheer each other on! There are lots of reasons why you should want to share DealDash with a friend. Here are my top 3 reasons.

#1 Save Your Friend Money

I’m sure that you’re a good friend. Good friends want other friends to be able to save money. Even if your friend doesn’t have money problems, don’t you think that they would like to save money on everyday purchases so they can save up the extra for something special like a vacation or a nice extra for the family? Think about it, haven’t you gotten some great deals on DealDash that you would like to share with a friend? Go ahead. Save your friend some money and let them in on the DealDash secret.

#2 Your Friend Can Help You Find Auctions

No matter how much you enjoy using DealDash, I’m sure that there are a few days here and there that you aren’t able to get on and bid. Who knows how many awesome auctions that you are missing when you skip a day of DealDash. Well, that can come to an end if you invite your friend to join DealDash! Your friend can watch for auctions that might interest you and shoot you a quick text when they see one!

Of course, you can always set up an alert so that DealDash emails you when a specific product becomes available. Simply search for an item and hit the “Alert Me” button and DealDash will send you an email when the auction is starting. However, this only works if you know exactly what you want. DealDash doesn’t (yet!) have the algorithm in place to know exactly what you want before you ask for it. You never know what they might come up with in the future, though.

#3 It’s Fun to Share

Come on, everything is more fun with a friend! Even things that aren’t usually so fun like going to the gym are made more fun with a friend. So if you take an activity that’s already fun such as DealDash, and add a friend, it makes it super fun!

One of the best parts about DealDash is telling your friends and family about your best wins. However, if your friends don’t use DealDash, they won’t understand what an amazing win is really all about. When your friend joins DealDash and gets caught up in the excitement of a big win, then you will truly have a friend who understands your love of DealDash. And isn’t understanding what makes a friendship strong?

Thanks for Reading

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on sharing your love of DealDash. Don’t forget to check our other blogs for new articles as well. Visit DealDash Tips and DealDash Reviews for more fun DealDash information every single day! If you have any requests for specific articles, please feel free to leave a comment below. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.