Are You Keeping DealDash All for Yourself?

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Have you been keeping DealDash all to yourself? Why not share the fun of DealDash with a friend?

Don’t be a Greedy Gus! Share the fun and excitement of DealDash with a friend or family member. Of course, you can’t bid in the same auctions, but you can definitely watch and cheer each other on! There are lots of reasons why you should want to share DealDash with a friend. Here are my top 3 reasons.

#1 Save Your Friend Money

I’m sure that you’re a good friend. Good friends want other friends to be able to save money. Even if your friend doesn’t have money problems, don’t you think that they would like to save money on everyday purchases so they can save up the extra for something special like a vacation or a nice extra for the family? Think about it, haven’t you gotten some great deals on DealDash that you would like to share with a friend? Go ahead. Save your friend some money and let them in on the DealDash secret.

#2 Your Friend Can Help You Find Auctions

No matter how much you enjoy using DealDash, I’m sure that there are a few days here and there that you aren’t able to get on and bid. Who knows how many awesome auctions that you are missing when you skip a day of DealDash. Well, that can come to an end if you invite your friend to join DealDash! Your friend can watch for auctions that might interest you and shoot you a quick text when they see one!

Of course, you can always set up an alert so that DealDash emails you when a specific product becomes available. Simply search for an item and hit the “Alert Me” button and DealDash will send you an email when the auction is starting. However, this only works if you know exactly what you want. DealDash doesn’t (yet!) have the algorithm in place to know exactly what you want before you ask for it. You never know what they might come up with in the future, though.

#3 It’s Fun to Share

Come on, everything is more fun with a friend! Even things that aren’t usually so fun like going to the gym are made more fun with a friend. So if you take an activity that’s already fun such as DealDash, and add a friend, it makes it super fun!

One of the best parts about DealDash is telling your friends and family about your best wins. However, if your friends don’t use DealDash, they won’t understand what an amazing win is really all about. When your friend joins DealDash and gets caught up in the excitement of a big win, then you will truly have a friend who understands your love of DealDash. And isn’t understanding what makes a friendship strong?

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