DealDash Customer Service is #1!


Don’t ever be afraid to contact DealDash customer service. They are there to help!

DealDash hopes that all of their transactions go smoothly, but occasionally there might be a problem. However, there is no problem too big for DealDash customer service! They have heard it all, and they are happy to help you if you have any problems or questions about the site. They are ready to help you, day or night. Just contact them if you need a hand!

Having a Problem?

The main time that most people contact customer service is when they have a problem. Maybe you are having trouble with using PayPal on the site, or perhaps you don’t even have a PayPal account and you are curious how it works. There are also times that your delivery might be delayed, or not show up. This isn’t typically a problem, though, because all things that you win or BIN on DealDash come with tracking numbers, with the exception of smaller gift cards. No matter what your problem is, don’t be shy, just contact DealDash customer service and they will help you find a solution.

Are You New and Totally Confused?

You don’t have to have a specific problem to contact customer service. If you’re new on DealDash and just don’t understand how it works, then customer service can help you with that, as well. There are many resources to help you understand how the auctions work, such as this blog and the DealDash Tips blog. There are also videos and an interactive tutorial. However, sometimes it’s easier to understand something when someone explains it to you step-by-step, and if you contact DealDash customer service, they can do just that.

Have a Suggestion for the Site?

Customer service isn’t just for problems and questions. They are also there to take your ideas and suggestions as well. Do you have an idea for a product that you haven’t seen offered yet on DealDash? Or maybe you think that there needs to be more of a certain category and less of another category? Do you have a fun idea for a DealDash contest? If you have a great idea, tip, or suggestion, then please contact customer service and they would be happy to hear you out.

Are You Unsure How to Get in Touch?

It’s easy to contact DealDash customer service. All you have to do to get in touch is go to the “Help” section on the main page of the site, then go to their “submit a request for assistance form” button. If you need instant help or you just don’t feel like waiting a few hours for a reply, then you can click the “Live Support Online” button. 

Personally, I prefer the “submit a request for assistance form”, however, I have never had a problem that I needed immediate assistance. Many people are a fan of the live chat feature, and once you click the “Live Support Online”, you will be connected with a friendly DealDash customer service rep almost immediately. Once you’re connected, then you can work on solving your problem. 

Thanks for Reading

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Remember, don’t be shy, all of the customer service reps are friendly, polite, and love to help. DealDash is the friendliest website around! Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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