The Day I Finally Won My “Must-Have” Item on DealDash

For two months I had been mildly obsessed with a set of 4 ceramic knives valued at $146. Okay, so there’s really no way to be “mildly” obsessed about something, right? I’ll admit it…I was completely obsessed with winning this item.

And don’t we all have that one item that speaks to us—the one we can’t seem to live without? This was the item…my “must-have” item.

But as luck would have it, this item is not only on my wish list but on the wish list of many, many others as well. It is an extremely popular item that average final bidding price this week was $15.47 (that’s a low of .19 and a high of $42.00).

I tried winning this item morning, noon and night, putting sometimes well over 100 bids at a time into winning it. I tried strategy after strategy: early bidding, late bidding, jumping into the middle bidding, bid a few then wait and nothing worked.  I even had to take a week off from bidding on it before I got back in the game.

I will admit to you now that I tried 22 times to win this item before I won it. Twenty-two times.

And just when I was ready to completely give up on ever owning this item, I decided to give it just one more try because I saw the auction was coming up in two minutes. I was ready to call it quits for the day, but something said to give it one more try with a couple of bids to see where I landed on the bidding board.

As it happened, I ended up placing my first bid at .09 (always a good sign with a relatively early bid) and another bidder bid just three times more and I ended up winning the item for 19 cents!!!  In the end, I paid .09 due to a half-off promotion DealDash was running (plus my five bids).

I was so shocked and elated I did a happy dance…seriously, I did!!!


I couldn’t believe it. I had to check three times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me with the ecstatic fireworks display on my computer screen, but there it was! I had finally won!!!

So the moral of the story here is that if you find an elusive item on DealDash that you just have to have, employing any and all strategies across the board to educate yourself on bidders, bidding patterns and end prices is never a bad idea as it may help you feel you are doing all you can to win it, but in the end, it may simply be the willingness to try just one more time and sheer awesome luck that helps you turn the corner on turning that elusive item into a win that will be arriving at your door in no time!

Happy bidding and I hope you get the elusive DealDash item you want very soon!