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Using different strategies on DealDash is the smart thing to do. Try these DealDash strategies out today!

What sorts of bidding strategies have yo been using on DealDash lately? It’s a smart idea to change up your bidding strategies on a regular basis. When you change up your bidding strategies it’s sure to confuse your competitors. For extra fun, try changing up your bidding strategy mid-auction! Here are some ideas for some different bidding strategies to use when playing on DealDash.

Bid Low, Bid High, Bid In-Between

One of my favorite bidding strategies to use on DealDash is to bid low, high, or in-between! What I mean by this is don’t put in the same amount of bids on every auction. If you are a regular bidder the other regulars will start to notice if you only put in 20 or so bids every time! Put in a few bids here, a medium amount there, and go all the way to BIN on another auction. Change up the numbers, keep your competitors guessing.

Avoid the Power Bidders

Do you know who the Power Bidders are? The Power Bidders are regular players on DealDash who just don’t quit. These bidders will bid over and above the auction value just to prove a point. These are bidders who will bid 600 bids on a 500 bid pack just to show the newbies who’s boss. Don’t get into a bidding war with the Power Bidders, you just won’t win.

Look Out for the “Losers”

Have you ever noticed on DealDash that there are certain players who lose almost every single auction? These are normally players who never put more than 50 bids or so into any auction. If you take the time to browse the auctions you should take note of the players who seem to drop out before the auction even reaches $1. Write these player’s names down, because if you run into them in the future you might get lucky and get a fast win!

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