Tips on How to Use your BidBuddy to Win More Auctions on

Winning auctions is a matter of skill, just like playing other games that involve competition against other people. Your goal when you’re trying to win an auction might be getting a great bargain on that iPad or laptop, but you’ve got to get through the other bidders first. This is a common mistake people make when they’re learning how the auctions work: they’re so focused on winning that they ignore the fact that other bidders are trying to do the exact same thing! What this means is that bidders who win do it with focus, concentration, and strategy.

I know what a lot of you are thinking: easier said than done right? Maybe so, but DealDash has lots of tools and features to help bidders develop their strategies – and learning to use these tools and features to your advantage is what having a winning strategy is all about. Once you get your bidding strategy down, winning auctions will almost seem like second nature!

One of the most invaluable tools you have on DealDash is the BidBuddy. If you don’t already know, the BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that places bids for you, even while you’re away from the computer! The BidBuddy is one of the best assets at each bidder’s disposal (if not the best). Here are a few basic ways that the BidBuddy helps bidders win!

#1: – Other Bidder’s Can “Tell” When You’re Using a BidBuddy

Have you ever played poker? Experienced poker players will talk about something called a “tell”, which is a change in a particular player’s behavior that suggests something about what he/she will do in the game. BidBuddies place their bids in a particular sequence, and as a result, many experienced bidders can infer when others are using their BidBuddy. This makes using the BidBuddy a kind of tell, and that can be used to your advantage. For example, if you notice a pattern where several users are participating in an auction with their BidBuddies, you may want to sit it out until some of them stop bidding. That way, you’ll conserve your bids while the other bidders fight it out.

But bidders can’t tell how you’re using a BidBuddy. They won’t know if you have 3000 bids booked in your BidBuddy or 30. A good way to get rid of competing bidders is to place 30 bids in your BidBuddy and watch how they react. Some bidders will think that you’re in the auction for the long haul (regardless of what it takes to win), and decide to bid in a different auction.

#2: – Places Your Bids for You at the Last Second

Most bidders try to conserve their bids and place them at the last possible second. This makes sense, as it prevents you from placing bids that one of your competitors is planning to place anyway. The caveat with this strategy is that its easy to get distracted, click on the wrong spot, or have your browser freeze on you when the auctions closing! Having your BidBuddy waiting in the wings is a great way to avoid such a frustrating situation. Putting some bids in your BidBuddy as a safety net lets you check your e-mail, chat with a friend, or just explore other auctions without having to miss out on that great deal!

#3: – Keeps You in the Game

Probably the #1 benefit to using the BidBuddy is that it lets you leave your computer without having to worry about the auction. Since the BidBuddy runs automatically, you’re free to leave your computer and spend time with friends or family without missing the auction. This is a great way to save time while you’re saving money, and makes bidding less stressful and more fun!

This time saver can be especially useful early on in the auctions. Since the BidBuddy is designed to place bids just before an auction closes, you can keep your BidBuddy on to make sure you stay in the auction without worrying about it wasting all of your bids. If several other bidders have their BidBuddies on as well, they’ll place their bids in a sequence until they either run out of bids or their users cancel them.

These are just a few suggestions on the different ways you can incorporate BidBuddies into your own bidding strategy, but you should keep in mind that bidding in the auctions is still about beating the other bidders. Other bidders can use these same tricks on you, or figure out what you’re up to and alter their own approach accordingly. It’s always worth spending some time checking out the other bidders and the items you’re bidding on to consider how you should go about winning. It’s not always easy to beat the other bidders, but the more you practice the easier it gets, so don’t be afraid to change things up if you’re having problems and create a winning strategy that works for you!

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