Redo Your Ceilings for More Wins and Fewer Bins at

What we believe about ourselves and life — our self-talk — influences and in certain situations creates what happens to us. The negative thoughts we build our ceilings with include:  I don’t deserve love; don’t deserve success; I’ve never won anything and never will; I’m unlucky; I’ll never get a break; and I can’t — just can’tbe happy, be loved, or win something worth over $200 at DealDash

These invisible ceilings made from words, thoughts and beliefs can be sturdier than ones built with wood. The key wordS in that sentence are can be, because we can also tear ceilings down that don’t work and then redo them.

Only this time around we’ll construct ceilings high enough to allow us to experience happiness, success and wins.

Recently, I became embroiled playing an online video game designed to stimulate the mind, increase creativity and problem-solving abilities, and promoted as a tool to help prevent dementia. I did well at most games on this site until I started playing a certain level of a game. No matter how hard I tried, I could not win. And I tried. Every day I practiced obsessively, but no matter many games I played, I couldn’t win. 

I kept hitting the ceiling I had created, a ceiling I reinforced daily by saying “I can’t win.”

One day I remembered what a friend taught me when he noticed that I was immersed in negative self-talk. “Don’t say you can’t do it,” he said.  

But I can’t,” I said. 

 “Then say ‘Up until now, I have been unable to do it.’ That way you give yourself room to tear down that ceiling and succeed.”

His words helped. Eventually I did what I hadn’t been able to do.

What still astonishes me is that each time I finally break through a ceiling – such as when I finally won that video game for the first time — is that from that moment on, doing that thing becomes easier and easier. The belief that we can do it removes the ceiling and dissolves the impossibility.

Realistically, we won’t win every time we enter an auction. Most of us have low streaks, those times when things don’t come as easily. Then times change and we’re back on a roll. But usually after we do something once, something we previously believed was impossible for us to do, we find ourselves doing it over and over again. It’s not as difficult anymore.

We become believers in ourselves. 

When we break through a ceiling and do something for the first time, we change our self-talk. Now we base our beliefs on reality, not on wishing and hoping. We’re not the little train that could. We’re the train that did and does. 

I’m not a doctor. I don’t know how neurons and the pathways to the mind work, the ones that then connect to our skills and abilities. But breaking through that ceiling sure feels good. 

You deserve happiness, respect and success – however you define success. If you’ve created a ceiling that’s blocking you from winning at DealDash, here are some tips to help you redo the ceilings you create:

  • Act as if you’re already a winner — but act responsibly. Our body doesn’t know the difference between what really happens and what we picture or imagine happening in our mind.  Before you start bidding, take a moment. Picture yourself winning. Get into it on a sensory level including how you feel when that computer or mixer arrives at the door. See yourself telling a friend about what you won. Feel how pleased you are at saving money on that item. See your chart at the top of your home page at DD reflect that you have hit your limits: six wins under $200 and three wins over that amount each week or hitting your monthly cash limit of wins. Make being a winner real in your mind. 

  • Go for items you genuinely want for yourself or someone else. True desire makes it easier to win. We’re more focused on our goal.

  • Make a list of the beliefs you have about success in general and winning at DealDash in particular. What incidents from the past created the beliefs that create your ceiling? What feelings from right now are creating beliefs about not being able to win?

  • Make a list of goals. Be as specific as you can about what you want to win. Then put the list away somewhere private. Don’t discuss it. You can add to it if new goals arise but let it go. Don’t obsess about it. Move forward with life. 

  • One thing that can assist us in a ceiling redo is surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us. They don’t need to verbalize this belief. If it’s there, we see it reflected in their eyes. Ironically sometimes the opposite holds true. Someone not believing in us can create the spunk we need to break through our ceiling and win just to prove them wrong. 

  • Don’t give up unless you make a conscious choice that whatever you’re attempting to do is not what you want to do. Persistence is often what separates winners from the losers at anything in life. 

Bid responsibly, according to your code. Watch your self-talk and work at a do-over on any ceiling you’ve created. One day, you’ll begin to see your invisible ceiling and the thoughts you used to build it. When that happens, you’re on your way to doing what you thought you’d never be able to do.

Remember seeing isn’t believing. Believing helps us see it in real life.

NOTE:  Here’s a correction to the tips in a previous blog about never under any circumstances paying more than the retail value of an item – a reminder that every rules has its exceptions.  Sometimes I’ll win a hundred dollar item for a purchase price of $.63 (sixty-three cents). Add to that the cost of my bids, say $3.00.  Rounded out, I spent under four dollars for an item that costs $100.00.  The savings there gives me some money-room to play with, which means I can pay more than the retail value on some items (but not by much) and still come out a winner.  

 It’s putting into play the same principle as when we strive for balance in our lives. We may not have perfectly balanced time every day and every week. Instead we may work extra hard for half the year and then take the other half-year off, using it for recreation. That’s balance too.  But when it comes to DealDash, don’t plan on having money in your fund that allows you to exceed an item’s value. The responsible thing is to only do that if you’ve already had a big-savings win.

By constantly paying more than the value of an item, we drive up prices for everyone, defeating DD’s purpose of being a place where we can all get good deals.

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